Monday, January 9, 2012

Random List on a Monday

School starts for me today and that means lots of things. I thought I’d just jot them down and see what you think.

1. It means that I actually have to find something other than jeans to wear every day. This is a problem for me since I really only have about three pairs of “dress” pants and one winter-appropriate skirt that I wear with tights. What can I say? I’m a minimalist. (B, don’t answer that.)

2. And, come to think of it, I only have three pairs of jeans I can wear in the winter (that aren’t cropped in some way).

Does this mean I need to go shopping? I think so. What do you think?

3. Winter is a relative term around here these days. We have had no measurable snow to speak of (and by that I mean any snow that would warrant a shovel), and it has been pretty much in the 40’s and 50’s these past couple of weeks. I’m thinking winter may pass us by altogether, and that would be just fine with me.

Maybe I won’t need to go shopping after all.

4. School starting again means that I should probably give some thought to meals.

But why start now?

5. I’ll tell you why. Because I’m sick and tired of scrambing to figure things out around 3:00 every afternoon, that’s why. Part of me longs for the old days when I sat with a notepad on Sunday afternoons, figuring out meals for the week. What happened to that organized mother o' three?

School happened, that’s what.

Here are a few more things I know about the start of school:

6. It won’t be long until I have to start grading papers again. Family beware!

7. I have two of Kate’s very good friends in my class this semester. That should put an interesting spin on things. 

8. I don’t get a Spring Break. Well, I DO get a Spring Break . . . when my other girls are still in school. And when they have Spring Break, I don’t. This could quite possibly become the biggest obstacle to my going back to work.

9. My class is at a different time this semester—it’s in the afternoon rather than the morning. I really loved having an early morning class last semester; I will mourn its passing.

But I hope to use my mornings (and my windowless office!) wisely this semester. My plan is to still go in early and write for a couple of hours before I work on class stuff. Think that will work? Me neither, but it's a worthy goal.

10. Speaking of the windowless office. I should really write a blog post about that space because it needs some serious sprucing up. I’m not much for decorating, especially since I don’t know if I’ll be back next year, but it needs a little something. Color, perhaps?

So there. A few quick thoughts about school starting up again.

What are your thoughts this morning?



  1. Yes, yes, yes!! Go shopping!! I wish I could come with you!! I love shopping for clothes! ;-)

    My question for you is this: are they all clothes that you feel completely fab in? If not - then DEFINITELY go shopping and get yourself some Happy clothes!!


  2. I love shopping for anything but pants. That would decide it for me right there. LOL.

    Getting back after holidays is hard. Yikes. I've been back the second week now and I'm still trying to adjust.

  3. Shelly! Happy back to work day! I prayed for you this morning on my walk. . .
    Hugs and love - Sarah

  4. Sarah, I would love nothing more than to go shopping with you, girl. You have "fab" style!!

    Susanne, pants shopping is just about on the bottom of my fun-things-to-do list. I'm with you!

    Sarah dear, I love you! Thanks for praying for me today!