Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Around the Blogosphere

Happy Leap Day, friends!

My friend, Jo-Lynne, was playing this little game today, and I thought I'd join in. Feel free to play along!

  1. My childhood nickname was … Shay. Not very creative, but I guess one of my cousins couldn't say my real name when I was born and it came out like that. Funny thing is, I always liked being called Shay--it was a term of endearment.
  2. If you want to spoil me rotten, buy me pretty much anything. I tend to not spoil myself much (don't laugh, B), so anything you buy me will be most appreciated. Particularly diamonds, watches, clothing, handbags, and books. :)
  3. The television character I most identify with is the Dowager Countess Violet Crawley. I like to think I could replicate her wit and sharp tongue, but I'd never be as quick on my feet as she is.
  4. If I had a whole day to go shopping and money to spend, I would go to Nordstrom. Probably 90% of my wardrobe comes from that store, and everything else I need is there too (well, except for the books). Nordstrom is my happy place.
  5. The most wild and crazy thing I have ever done (that I can admit to publicly) is followed people on their dates. My college BFF, Jennifer, was a bad influence on me. That's all I have to say about that.
  6. The one thing on my bucket list that I am most eager to do is travel to places I haven't been. I inherited the travel bug from my grandfather and would love to keep exploring Planet Earth as long as I have the resources and good health to do it. 
  7. My family will always be loyal to each other. I was just thinking this morning about how important my family is to me--I don't know where I would be without their love and support.
  8. If I could spend a day with a celebrity I would choose Ellen DeGeneres. She is just hilarious, wears cool clothes, and has fun friends. Plus, she could give me some makeup pointers. 
  9. In my opinion, the best invention in the history of the world is the airplane. 
  10. When life hands me lemons, I make lemon squares, of course! And I can't believe I haven't blogged that recipe yet. I must get on that one.

So now it's your turn. Why not play along (but come back here to let me know so I can read your post!)?

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  1. Thanks for joining in the fun! I'm a Nordstrom girl too. ;)

  2. Ok, now waiting for the Lemon Square recipe!

  3. Such a cute idea for leap year day. And I learned some new things about you, Shelly.


  4. What did you learn, Glenda?? :)

    Hi Dawn! I'll have to make Lemon Squares soon. :)

  5. I can't believe you haven't blogged that recipe either!! - it sounds delicious!!


  6. FUN! I'm so glad you played along. :-) We have a lot in common (but we knew that already.) :-)

  7. From your answers,
    I know we would be
    fast friends if we were
    in the same metro
    and could get together!
    You are the BEST!

    xx Suzanne