Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The State of the Blog and my life in general

"I'm almost a little glad Downton is done till November because if you take a look at your profile and blog it's kind of been TAKING OVER YOUR LIFE."
This, my friends, is what my daughter posted on my Facebook page yesterday.

Cheeky girl!

But she was right. I had noticed the same thing--day after day and post after post about Downton Abbey. A SOAP OPERA! as my husband likes to remind me.

As much fun as I've had with the Downton Abbey posts, it's time to move on to other things . . .

. . . like . . .

. . . um . . .

. . . ah . . .

. . . like? . . .

I honestly don't know. 

Because here's the thing, blogging has gotten away from me. Real life has come and taken a choke-hold on me, AND THAT'S O.K. 

But here's another thing. I like blogging. I have fun with it. I like all of you and your snappy comments and your funny anecdotes. I'd miss you if I didn't pop in here every now and then to give you a topic to talk about amongst yourselves.

And I like the writing part . . . when I have time to actually sit down and write.

So, the state of the blog is dramatically imperfect. Nobody will ever give me an award for the stellar job I do of keeping this little community going. Or having a niche. Or a platform. Or anything that resembles a "professional" blog, but, again, THAT'S O.K.

Those professionals? They're meeting in Nashville this weekend. I was there a year ago and kind of started to wonder if blogging just might NOT be what God had for me. About two months after that He made it kind of clear that, indeed, blogging "professionally" was not what He has called me to.


So, now that Downton Abbey is over for quite some time and I'm dry as a bone about what to discuss here, I'm putting out an S.O.S. to you all. Give me some topics, folks. A lifeline, please!

I do intend to write that final Dealing with Doubt post. Soon. Because it's the most important one. But aside from that, I got nothin'. 

So now, want to get a glimpse into my real life?

Here are just a few things I've got going on.

1. Teaching. I'm in the middle of grading a bunch of papers that I have to have finished by Friday. I'll be pretty much a new woman come Friday.

2. Which is great because, good news!, my mom arrives on Friday. Woo hoo! So excited for her visit.

3. She's coming to town because Julia has a huge piano recital on Sunday. I haven't mentioned this much, probably because she's a little shy about it, but Julia plays a mean piano. I love listening to her practice! On Sunday she'll be playing a Mozart sonata and a duet for two pianos that is 22 pages long. I'm so amazed by it because by the end of my piano playing days, I think I could manage a worship song or two, but I never progressed to hymns or chords or anything that could even remotely be categorized as difficult.

4. Have any of you ever served on a Nominating Committee? Have any of you ever chaired a Nominating Committee for a church of over 2,000 people? Enough said.

5. Have I mentioned that I'm leading a high school missions trip next summer? No? Well, I am. And part of that process is sending out fundraising letters that were supposed to go out this week. I'm still trying to figure out how to explain to all of my friends and family that after God called us to go to Switzerland in 2008, He's now calling me to lead a trip to Italy. Suffering for the Lord, that's me!

6. Still hanging out with the junior high girls.

7. And still waiting for one girl of my own to make a college decision. *ahem*

8. And still just being a wife and mom who has to figure out dinner and do the laundry and keep things in general working order around here.

9. Oh, and we had three different groups of people over last weekend, none of which do I regret--it was all wonderful. 

10. There is so much more I could write, but these are some of the things that keep life interesting and busy around here.

But never too busy!

So tell me, what have YOU been up to? 
What posts would you like to see here that don't involve Downton Abbey? 
What's on your mind? 
Spill it!

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  1. Here are a few topics I'd love to see you write about:
    * Your observations of college students and college life today (as opposed to when we were students)
    * Some of your greatest parenting hits and misses--lessons learned that you can share
    * Favorite recipes--I've enjoyed the ones you've shared and would be glad for more
    * Favorite reads--could be classics or what's on your list right now. I'm always glad for good book could always feature guest authors in this section as well if you're feeling uninspired or hear someone talking about a favorite
    * Goals and dreams--what do they look like for you at this stage in life? What are you hoping to do in the next 1, 5, 10 years?
    OK, I'll stop now. Can you tell that one of my strengths is ideation?!!!

  2. Probably would have been more accurate to say, can you tell that I love ideation..!

  3. Hi Terri! Wow! What an awesome list. I'll definitely tackle some of these.

    Any more suggestions? :)

  4. Wow, my friend, you are crazy busy. You want to come hang out at my house for a day or two.

    Your Downton Abbey series was fun and funny.

    I would love a list of your favorite movies.


  5. Oooh, favorites are always a challenge for me, Glenda. But I like a good challenge . . .

  6. Wow, reading your
    real-life list has me
    saying, "And I thought
    I was busy!" Seriously.

    I am terrible about telling
    others what to write about,
    since my own blog is so
    random. Mainly, when an
    idea touches you in some
    way, run with it, be it
    cooking, reading, mentoring,
    current events, mother-
    daughter stuff, etc. etc.

    Hope you are having a ball
    with your mama!

    xx Suzanne