Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top Five Lines from Downton Abbey, Episode 5

Have you even been able to come down from Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey? So many new angles to the story leaving us with so much to think about through the week.

Who is Mr. P. Gordon and will the real Patrick please stand up? Nevermind. That was insensitive of me. It probably hurts like the dickens for him to stand, what with all the burns and everything.

And will Matthew . . . Matthew . . . Matthew ever walk again? He did feel something, right?

Did Bates kill his wife, Vera, or was her suicide one last, desperate attempt to frame him? On second thought, as one of my girls pointed out at dinner last night, Anna does seem to travel to London frequently. . . .

And what about Jane hanging out a little too long where Lord Grantham “just happens” to be? Shouldn’t she be cleaning the little crystals on the chandelier or something? I’ll tell you one thing, she sure shouldn’t be barging into the library, disturbing the great Lord of the Manor while he’s terribly busy reading the newspaper or generally fretting. But she seems to do it anyway . . . a lot.

Ah well, these are the threads of this week that will be left hanging until next week. (Unless PBS has already sent your pre-ordered copy of Season 2.)

In the meantime, we have some great lines to ponder from Sunday’s episode. Here are five of my favorites.

5. Sir Richard, while eavesdropping on Mary and Matthew (heretofore to be referred to as M&M): “Oh dear, should I be worried?” He also muttered that to himself while watching M&M stroll (sorry, push) their way across the lawn. Seriously, he said that same line at least three times in one episode. Is it really foreshadowing if it’s obvi?

4. Violet, referring to Sir Richard: “I don’t dislike him. I just don’t like him.” My sentiments exactly, Grandma.

3. How about that Mrs. Hughes trying to talk some sense into Ethel who, by the way, seems to have spent the past 10 months just sitting in some lonely shack somewhere just waiting for Mrs. H. to bring her some food? Seriously, Ethel, get a life. You have a child, go take care of it (him? her?).

Of course, Mrs. Hughes doesn’t help when she says things like this: “You were ruined already, my girl, so let’s don’t go overboard.” Nice.

2. In one of their soon-to-be-infamous scenes, Isobel and Violet are talking about where best Isobel can “bless” others with her many talents of leadership and doctoring and her general ability to tell others what to do, and Violet is not-so-subtly just trying to get rid of her.

Isobel: “Now you’ve struck a chord.”
Violet: “Have I really? Oh, thank heavens.”

1. Cora gets top billing this week with this most excellent jab at her husband . . . and all of England while she’s at it: “I’m an American; I don’t share your English hatred of comfort.”

With that, I’ll just see if I can get my lady-in-waiting to start my bath. Oh, right, I AM the lady in waiting. (If you haven’t played the “Which DA Character Are You?” game yet, you should. It’s fun. I’m Anna.)

How about you? What was your favorite jab line from Episode 5?

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  1. I laughed out loud at that Isabel/Violet exchange. And I don't think Bates killed his wife - he's WAY too honorable for that.

  2. I am 100% with you on Cora's comment! Great pick for #1. And your girls, my they're perceptive...didn't even consider Anna. They're right, she is in London quite a bit!

  3. I agree, Jeni. Bates is much too honorable for that. My personal theory is that she committed suicide to frame him. She was nuts!!

  4. My favorite line was when the Dowager Countess and Lady Grantham were discussing how to get rid of Isobel.

    Cora: "She's such a martyr."
    Violet: "Then we must tempt her with a more enticing scaffold."


  5. Yes, Meghan! I liked that one too, but I wasn't quick enough to write it down at the time, thus it missed my list. :)

  6. I loved Lady Violet's "I don't dislike him" line!

    Totally agree with you on Jane's lingering problem. I don't trust her whole "dead husband" story either. Which could ruffle the Ethel storyline a bit. The plight of single mothers (especially unwed ones) during this time is heartbreaking. But I agree. It does seem that Ethel could be doing more. I just hope she doesn't kill her baby.

  7. I love Violet and her scheming. She is so fun.

    Also - I was so unsettled after this episode. I guess that is the point. But I sure don't like that :)

    P.S. I'm hoping Mr. Bates did not. Surely not. Say it ain't so Mr. Bates!

  8. I just want to shake
    that silly Daisy!
    William loved you
    and wanted to take
    care of you! Of course
    it was nice to let him
    die thinking that the
    feelings were mutual
    and that he'd done
    right by you!

    There were SO many
    great lines and twists.
    Loved it and I have SO
    enjoyed reliving the
    moments, here with YOU : )

    xx Suzanne

  9. Leigh, my family keeps saying the same thing! They think Jane is in the exact same boat as Ethel. Interesting to see how they treat widows vs. "unwed mothers."

    Stacey, unsettled is a good word to use. There was a lot left to our imaginations.

    Suzanne, that Daisy! I love her. I think she is so sweet, but so naive. She's trying so hard to be honest, and I love that.

  10. I LOVE the lines you pick out. I think I am going to have to watch an episode just so I can see what it's all about!!


  11. The whole conversation with Violet and Isobel cracked me UP. And am I a horrible person because I'm so glad CrazyBates kicked it? I need life to be easier for Anna and Bates!

  12. Sarah, you live in the UK and you've never watched! You crack me up, girl!

    Rachel, I agree. I just want life to be easy for Bates and Anna.

  13. Just now watching last night's episode... Can't wait for your recap'

  14. I know I'm late to this party (but I'm almost caught up!) but I had to lament that I took the quiz and I'm MATTHEW...I love Matthew, but I don't want to BE him! Ugh.