Monday, February 6, 2012

Wanna Hear How We Met??

It's February, the month of love, and my friend, Leigh, is posting love stories all month long. She's asked several of her friends and readers to contribute their stories, and today she's featuring MINE (or should I say, ours?).

I have a lot to confess about how I met my husband, and it's not all pretty. Head on over to Leigh's place today to find out more.

I'd love to hear your story! After you read mine, come back and share how you met your spouse.



  1. We deplored each other in High School. Seriously could NOT be in the same room together without fighting. Someone suggested we go on a date as a JOKE and we all LAUGHED. A.LOT. Little did I know that for over a year he had been working out to get into shape and be the best at sports so he could get my attention.... (awwwww)when I found out...I was floored! Suddenly I saw him in a new light...a girlfriend said "since you're not interested in him...I'm gonna date him" to which I said "oh no you're not!" ;) lol
    In a whirlwind romance - we dated - we eloped - we were married WAY too young.... It certainly has NOT always been easy - but we wouldn't have it any other way!
    6 kids later - 26 years later - he is still the second half of each of my heartbeats.
    Thanks for sharing your story :) I love a good love story :)

  2. I knew some of this story. . . enough to know that you beat me to the altar by a few days. I didn't make it until seven weeks after graduation. :)

    To tell the truth, 1985 was a pretty good year for weddings, wasn't it?

    Our road hasn't been easy, either. But thank God for grace. Right?

    P.S. Jack watches Downton Abbey with me. Of course, he also reads the Financial Times instead of the WSJ. We're BOTH Anglophiles!

  3. Michelle, that is hilarious! And so touching. Thanks for sharing it here.

    Richella, a very good year indeed. I'm turning my hubby into an anglophile after all the visits we've made over there. One of these days he'll tell me we're moving there, and I'll be thrilled! (You can come visit!)

  4. I LOVED hearing how you met! My B and I met in high school when his dad came to pastor our church. My best friend's brother was best friends with B and his brother (did you catch that?). So we were always together through this family. My first memory was driving in a station wagon to the state football championship in Nashville as our team was playing at Vanderbilt stadium, and my best friend and I were cheering. She, her little sister and I rode in the middle row, and B, his brother M, and my best friend's brother were on that back row that faced out the back of the station wagon. We had nothing to do with the boys! If you'd told me I would marry him, I would have screamed, "What?!" But things changed, and by my senior year, we started dating. The rest is history. Almost 19 years of marriage plus 7 years of dating!

  5. Oh, Carolyn, that is so sweet! And funny. One of those "whoda thunk it?" moments. Thanks for sharing it!