Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bravery Update

What can I say? You all are the best.


When I wrote what I wrote on Tuesday, I really didn't expect the kind of encouragement I got from you. Wow, that was awesome!

And your advice about being brave? Also quite awesome.

I will treasure your comments and go back to them often, I'm sure.

So my dear friends came over on Tuesday night for a little chit-chat about my book idea. We sipped wine, ate cheese, and talked parenting. Again, what an encouraging group!

I specifically chose several younger moms with kids in the 2-10 year range because I was really curious to see what kinds of issues and struggles they were facing. And I actually like hanging out with people who are younger than me--makes me feel, oh, I don't know, younger.

[side note: B and I waited quite a while to have kids, so a lot of people my age actually have kids who are getting married (gasp!) or who are having babies (double-gasp!) making them . . . grandparents. (The dull thud was me falling over in a dead faint.) Yeah, that phase of life is, I think, quite a ways off for us, we're kind of in between stages right now, so it's fun for me to hang out with the "younger moms."]

I have been so impressed by all of these women--they are involved in many activities outside of being moms, they are all serving both their families and the church, and they are all just really fun people to be with. All-in-all, I'd say that, for me, the night was a success. They gave me some great feedback as well as more to think about.

So now I'm off to spend a couple of days at a workshop on teaching the Bible. I went to it last year and really got a lot out of it, so I decided to give it another go. Plus, bonus!, I'm meeting Glenda there, so that's going to be great.

Sadly, my spring break is almost over. I have been home and car-less all week (OH MY WORD, I JUST REALIZED THAT I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT THAT!), and have loved every minute of it. I spent a good few hours this morning preparing for next week's classes, and I realized that the next few weeks are going to be . . . ugh . . . busy. I hate that, but it just is. Not only will I have 8 more weeks of school, I also realized this morning that I have not one, but TWO girls graduating this spring. One from high school (big deal, for sure), and one from middle school (which also cannot be overlooked).

Anyway, time to head out. I just wanted to say thanks again for just being you. I don't know if I'm any less brave today than I was on Tuesday, but your encouragement this week definitely has made a difference.



  1. Good luck with all
    your busy-ness. I
    feel the same way
    about a calendar
    with days chock full.

    We were late bloomers
    in the parenting stage,
    as well ~ Sounds like
    our kids are exactly
    a year behind yours.

    Give Glenda a squeeze
    from me : ) !!

    xx Suzanne

  2. Isn't that what friends do for each other? :) Many times I come away encouraged after reading your words. I'm a late bloomer too , but in both the marriage & parent stages...38 when married, 41 when my son was born. They keep me young!

  3. I don't think you were so old when you had kids. I think you were normal aged. I was particularly young when I had my first which makes my kids seem so old compared to yours.

    Which only means that you were more mature and better equipped to be parents than I was at age 21!

  4. I totally understand about the whole friends with kids in college thing...several friends of mine are grandparents, too. Hubby and I had our first at age 35, after 12 years of marriage! Now we are at 19 yrs of marriage with a 5 and 3 yr old and a couple friends have grandkids our kids ages, talk about strange! But couldn't imagine life any other way!

  5. I like you, friend, on your brave days and I like you on your not brave days. Thanks for being my friend and for hanging out this weekend, as we studied the Bible.

    Thanks for the shout out.


  6. I hope your workshop is refreshing and encouraging! :)

    Mark and I waited a while to have kids, too, and still just have one. It's weird to think about how most moms my age have much older kids and a whole lot more of them!

  7. So glad your time with them was uplifting! Look forward to hearing more about it later!