Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is It Really Here???

Enlighten me, please.

It's March, right? Not May?

Because here's what I saw this afternoon.

Rumor has it that robins have been sighted.

And the happy shouts of children outside surely seem to indicate that something is afoot.

Crocuses are popping up everywhere.

My front door even greets you with its own tribute.

And these?

These beauties were sent to me by a friend and are now perfuming my entire house with their glorious scent.

I'm an optimist. After looking at the weather forecast for the week and seeing temperatures in the 70s every day, I'm starting to think it's here.

Spring has sprung!

How about you? Are you an optimist, like me? Or are you waiting for one last blast of winter?



  1. Really?? This IS hard to believe, isn't it?? Of course, spring has sprung around here, but this is the South. Having grown up in Tennessee and Mississippi, I'll never forget when my youngest son was born in Michigan. He and I were discharged from the hospital on March 31 that year--and the nurse gave me verbal and written instructions for "winter babies." I was aghast--but of course it was true! Spring's not 'til May up there, right? Right? Huh??

  2. It is so beautiful ... I love having the windows opened all day.


  3. You're right, Richella. May, if we're lucky. We've had years past when we've been bundled up on Memorial Day. You just never know around here.

    Glenda, I'm sad that I didn't get around to opening any windows today. Maybe tomorrow.

  4. Your home is so beautiful, like you.
    I want so much to visit you there one day.

    Oh, and we slept with the windows open last night and it was still kind of warm. I love it. Not going to complain about it. Welcome, Spring!!!