Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two Camps (or Yes, Another Weather Post)

Unless you ve been living in a cave, or overseas, you probably know that we ve been having an exceptionally warm winter, which, in the past couple of weeks has led to a very early spring. It s a little unsettling, I have to admit, but I m thrilled.

Heck, if this were June I d be thrilled.

We re breaking all kinds of records right now. Birds and small children are confused. I ve been sweating profusely for days, and humidity is winning the battle over my hair.

And somewhere Al Gore is sipping a Manhattan, his feet propped up on a leather ottoman, laughing.

This is crazy weather.

I ve noticed over the past few days, with all of this weather-craziness, that there are two kinds of people: those who see these warm, sunny days as a kiss from God, and those who are waiting for the mid-April blizzard.

I m in the first camp. I blithely reach for a short-sleeved blouse as I get dressed for work. I happily stroll across campus, basking in the warmth radiating from the sidewalk. I even stop to take pictures of the flowering trees; I m so taken aback by their early beauty.

And even though I do have fleeting moments of wondering what all this early budding will mean a couple of months from now will we have flowers in May if they all bloom now? I don t really care. I m simply enjoying every blissfully broken record that comes my way.

My husband, on the other hand, is in the other camp. Every day he announces (with some sense of authority, I might add) that this cannot possibly last and there s no way spring could come this early and we haven t seen the end of things yet.

Two camps. Two ways of looking at things. Two entirely different perspectives.

He says po-tay-to (with a strong Chicago accent!); I say po-tah-to. (Not really, but you get the idea.)

And that s pretty much how things go around here. We ll wait this one out to see who s right.

How about you? Are you blithely enjoying the warmer weather? Or are you getting your snow shovel ready?



Cindy in PA said...

I have to admit I m a mixture of both camps. I m enjoying the early spring weather (already laid out for a bit of a tan) and I m the one at work who says, "I bet we ll get snow in June!" Ha!

Karen of Little Red House Designs said...

Even though today is the first official day of Spring - I still won t let the hub take the snow blower out of the garage! But things change quickly up here in New England.

Shelly W. said...

Oh you two! Just enjoy it! Put those snowblowers away and BELIEVE! :)

Mrs Wooga said...

I put the snowpants away, washed winter coats, and got out the tubs of summer clothes for the kids. If we get a late snow as your hubby predicts, I ll have to make a fire in the fireplace while we play inside in shorts and tshirts! Besides, after this beautiful weather I won t want to put cordurouys and sweaters back on, so I will layer the spring clothes if needed.

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

I would love to camp with you Shelly, but I m looking out the windows at mountains covered with snow...in southern Arizona! So your husband may have something there. If it can happen here, then... but hey, enjoy it while you can!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

We ve been having gorgeous Spring whether in England too. It makes me feel so happy! I just get my sunshine fix whenever I can!


HopefulLeigh said...

Illinois has a way of making us all weather cynics! How many Marches and Aprils have teased us with warm weather only to dump another load of snow? Now that I live in Nashville, I m firmly in the first camp and enjoying the sunshine in all its glory.

Mrs Changstein said...

We had snow yesterday. It didn t stick around for long, but still!! Not supposed to be like that in Vancouver come mid-March!!

Lisa L said...

While I do love our weather, I half expect to wake up to a foot of snow (and I m in Georgia). Right now we re experiencing pollen season...with highs in the 8,000 s...extremely high is considered 500 so you can only imagine all the runny noses and watery eyes around here.

Linda said...

Well, tell B that he is in the camp with my 83 year old mother and her elderly friends who are grousing about how hot the summer is going to be instead of enjoying the beauty we have right now!