Monday, April 30, 2012

"Quick" Update

I've been missing you, dear readers, so I thought I'd give you a quick update on where I've been lately and what I've been doing. I never seem to be able to write anything quickly, so we'll see if this ends up being "quick" or not.

1. Birthday season. From late January to the end of April is not just hockey season, it's birthday season around here. All five of us have birthdays within a couple of months, so it's a little crazy baking cakes, hanging crepe paper, and buying gifts.

2. School. Last Friday was the last day of classes, so I picked up a little light reading.

3. Grading. (See above.) Those puppies need to be graded this week, and since it takes me nearly 30 minutes each, this could take some time.

4. Not writing. (See #2 above.)

5. Saying goodbye. College students are leaving, so we had a couple fifteen or so over for one last dinner last weekend. That has to be one of my favorite things to do.

6. Thinking about graduation. This year we have two graduations--one from high school and one from middle school. This means planning and dress-buying. These things take time.

7. Getting ready. . . for guests, that is. Over the next few weeks our home will be filled with family and friends--just the way I like it. It's going to be a busy time, but so much fun to have people in and out.

8. Getting together . . . with friends. Last week I went into the city to spend a day with Glenda, and it was what I'd consider one of my perfect days in the city: lunch at Julius Meinl Cafe, a walk around a cool neighborhood, a trip to Vintage Pine, and a stroll through the Lincoln Park Whole Foods--all with a great person! In the coming weeks I have many other fun get-togethers planned with friends.

9. Nominating. Have you ever served on a nominating committee at your church? If you have, you know what I've been up against since January. Almost done.

10. Planning. Have I mentioned that I'm going on a missions trip this summer? We leave in nine weeks. Wait. What? Nine weeks?! How can that be? Oh dear.

So there. Just ten things I've been doing lately. I'm sorry I'm not around here as much as I'd like to be, but it just can't be helped right now. I'll get back here as soon as I can think again, which will be soon, because this pile?

will soon become this pile.

Those grades WILL be posted and summer WILL begin. Soon!



  1. And I can't wait for you to be back - but I hope you're able to thoroughly enjoy your busy bee time!!


  2. Hope the reading is fun as well as being your work.

    You guys get out of school EARLY!

  3. YES! Those papers will be graded! Those grades will be posted!! Summer will begin!!!

    The power of positive thinking. Someone should write a book about that. Oh, wait. Someone already did. Thank you, Dr. Peale.

    Girl, you have been busy. But it's good to know that you're thriving. :)

  4. All wonderful things happening! So glad!

  5. Hey Shelly,

    I am hoping to
    plan a trip to
    Chicagoland this
    summer to see
    some of my friends
    and am hoping to
    connect with you
    and Glenda.....

    Good luck with all
    that is on your plate.
    Baseball season is
    upon us, so every
    night we are on the
    move. As a matter
    of fact, I am leaving
    in just a few minutes
    for the opening game
    of the season : )

    Exciting times at your
    house; remember to
    breathe and enjoy the

    xo Suzanne

  6. Hi Shelly,

    I've got one graduating too so I'm busy deep cleaning my house. Seems like a silly time to deep clean, but that's because I procrastinate on such things until and unless I have the added pressure of houseguests. Enjoy the season!

  7. There is just too much goodness in all those lists ... how are you coping?