Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shaklee Basic H {giveaway!}

I’m known for my killer cinnamon rolls. I can decorate my house fairly well most of the time. I love doing those things. I could spend all my days just cooking and decorating and doddling about my house.

But there are certain household tasks that I just don’t like. Laundry, for one. After many, many years of doing laundry for five people (that number is getting lower these days, thank goodness!), I find that chore to be sheer drudgery.

And cleaning. I’ve never been very good at it. Probably because I try to rush through the job so I can get to the chores I prefer.

My friend, Harper, recently told me about a product that can save me time in the areas that I don’t particularly like to do around the house: Basic H by Shaklee. This stuff is amazing! You can clean everything in your home with it, including mirrors and windows. You can use it for bubble bath and to wash your car!

Basic H was formulated over 50 years ago, and the formula still works. People have found thousands of uses for Basic H over the years, and I’m sure the uses just keep coming. Best of all, it’s safe for your children, pets, and the environment. Just use a small amount of Basic H diluted in water (the amount depends on what you’ll be using it for), and you’re good to go!

This week Harper is giving away three bottles of Basic H to my readers—isn’t that cool?! (You can learn more about Basic H by clicking here.) Three separate individuals who don’t already use Shaklee products (sorry, current members are not eligible) will win a bottle of Basic H AND a lifetime membership to Harper’s Shaklee store. That way you can stock up on all of the other great products Shaklee offers.

All you have to do is head over to Harper’s website, check out the products she offers, and come back and tell me which products you find interesting and leave a comment below. Make sure I have your email address so I can contact you if you win!

Three random winners will be chosen on Sunday night and will be announced on Monday morning.

Let the (easy) cleaning begin!!



  1. I'm probably going to buy those basic H wipes because Harper says they work as bug repellent!

  2. Lots of parallels here, Shelly! I also am known for my cinnamon rolls -- I use the "Edna Ruth Byler's Potato Dough Goods" recipe from More with Less, but have tweaked them a tiny bit over the years. On the laundry front, though, I actually DO like to do laundry, strange as that may seem. And the laundry products from Shaklee looked interesting. I just this morning received a delivery of a new HE washer and dryer, so I am getting used to some new features. The HE detergent looks interesting! :-)

  3. I like the kids vitamins and cleaning supplies

  4. I love cleaning supplies that are not harsh.

    And I love cleaning house ... strange, eh?

  5. There are so many great products that this company makes. I think my favorite as of now is the fresh laundry fragrance free concentrate (HE compatible) because we recently adopted a dog and I would love to use 'green' cleaning products.

    jpark107 (at)

  6. I like the cleaning supplies!

    mandaoverturf at yahoo dot com