Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good Reads

So many great posts lately! Here are some that just MUST be shared.

"How to Really Protect Your Children" : Flower Patch Farm Girl. Shannan knows how to live . . . and how to write . . . and how to parent. I love this girl's heart.

"Dear Body" : To Think is to Create. I wish, I wish, I wish I could get to this point. I'm working on it, but I need to read this a few more times to let the lesson really sink in.

"Self, Doubt, and Writing" : Desiring God blog. As long as we're on the subject of my insecurities . . .

"The 1 Thing You Really Have to Know About Your Family" : Ann VosKamp. Warning: this one will wreck you. In a good way.

"The Fight for Glory" : The Gospel Coalition blog. Beautiful grace.

"Why We Need to Struggle" : We are THAT Family. Seems like Kristin and Ann are struggling with the same things. And passing it on for us to wrestle with. Hmmmm.

"Lessons from those We Walk Behind" : Off the Beaten Path. We really DO have something to learn from the generations who went before us. Kay reminds us of some of those lessons that seem to be getting lost today. Excellent!

"5 Things I want my freshman daughter to remember" : Such the Spot by Darcy. As a mom to TWO freshmen this year (one high school, one college) I could NOT have said this better myself. In fact, all three of my girls should read this, because no matter what their stage in life, the advice still rings true. So good!

So these were some of my favorites lately. What were some of your favorite posts this week? Share the link in the comments.



  1. Shelly-
    These were amazing blogs-especially Ann Voskamp's. Wow. I cried as I was moved by her powerful,accurate, piercing words.
    Thanks so much for pointing me in all of these directions.

  2. Thank you - these recommended posts look fab - I'm off to check some of them out...if it's good enough for you then it's good enough for me!