Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's a Good Question {Italy - Part 2}

"Where did you see Jesus today?" 

This was the question Mark asked at the end of each day of camp. It was a question I knew was coming, and yet I still had to think about it, searching for the answer as I walked through my day.

It's a good question to think about, even here at home.

So where did I see Jesus in Italy? 

I saw Him in the kids. Smiles everywhere. Willing hands. Vulnerability. Joy. Our kids—the American ones—were so intentional about praying, seeking out opportunities to share their faith, even turning conversations toward Christ during down time. Their faith, their enthusiasm, encouraged me so much and showed me that Jesus is alive and active in the kids of our church.

I saw Him in the Italian kids, too. Wide-eyed. Questioning. Listening. Talking. They quickly connected with the American kids and were so open to hearing about Jesus. Some already knew Him, but still, they wanted to know more. And their hunger reminded me that we Americans don’t have all the answers. All we can do is love and allow God to do His work.

I saw Him in the missionaries, pastors, and Christian workers who helped us all week. So much giving. So much pouring of themselves for the sake of the gospel. So much hope amidst some very difficult circumstances. Some of the volunteers had sacrificed a week of work so that they could help translate for us—that showed me Jesus in a big way. And with each encounter with the Italian Christians, I saw their love for Christ and their passion to share that love with others.

Jesus showed up in Italy, yes He did. He showed up in a big way in S’s life, as she encountered His life-giving salvation for the first time. He showed up through N, a girl from our church who has loved S and has prayed for her for the past three years. How good He was to allow N to be a part of S’s story! He showed up when N gave S her first Bible--walking her through it, explaining the Old Testament and New Testament, and showing her how to spend time in God’s word each day. Such a beautiful thing.

Every day we asked ourselves that question: “Where did you see Jesus today?”

And at the end of each day, I had to think about another question as well: Did others see Jesus in me? Because, if I’m supposed to look around for Jesus, I need to remember that those around me are looking to find Him, too.

Do they see Him here? Am I reflecting Jesus to my family, my friends, my co-workers, and even those I meet?

It’s a good question.



  1. A good question, indeed.

    I see Jesus in you, Shelly.

  2. It IS a good question--one we should ask ourselves every day, in every place.

    It's a blessing to be part of a mission trip, isn't it? In some ways, it's even more a blessing to the workers than to the recipients. A win-win, for sure!

    We were grateful to have A/C in our apartment in Rome--but honestly, I think we were healthier for being out in the heat, walking everywhere, drinking lots of water, than we are here at home, "hibernating" for the summer. Hmmm.

    People see Jesus in you, Shelly. No doubt about it. :)

  3. So great to hear about Italy. We were praying for you and the team!

  4. That's such a good question; one we should ask every day, huh? So thrilled to get a taste of your trip to Italy. Thanks for sharing. And I'm going to be thinking on that question throughout my day.