Saturday, August 11, 2012

Good Reads . . . and an announcement!

A few posts I have enjoyed lately:

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft and Bank Fraud :: Imparting Grace. My friend, Richella, recently went through a horrific ordeal and shares her experience. You really need to read this and protect yourself from identity theft. [edited to add: I totally forgot to link to Richella's follow up to this story! It is amazing!]

Are You Mom Enough? (Mommy Wars) :: Desiring God Blog. Anyone else sick to death of the mommy wars? This puts an end to it for me.

If You've Ever Been Wounded by Women :: Ann VosKamp. Speaking of women treating each other badly. Ann again says so eloquently what I feel. "Who can bear living the whole of their lives and never learn what it means to really be a friend? I long to learn." Me too.

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes :: Modern Country Style. On a lighter note . . . Fall is coming, and along with it comes scarves! Ever wonder how to really tie a scarf? Here is a cute, cute video showing you 25 creative ways to tie one on. :)

Now for the announcement. Be sure to come back on Monday when I'll introduce a new series on my blog. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time, and I'm really excited about it. I hope you'll follow along!

Now tell me, what's the best post you've read or written this week? Link up in the comments!



  1. Aren't you kind to mention my post?? I appreciate it. Did you catch my follow-up post about the deal? I was taken aback when I got a letter from the Florida State Attorney detailing the arraignment of the woman who was using my information--she was being arraigned on on several counts, including grand theft. Somehow seeing it all spelled out in black and white was jarring and really made me think about Matthew 5:44. Hmmm.

    Now I'm really curious about the series! Can I have a sneak peek??

  2. I did see that, Richella! What an amazing story. Headed back into my post to link to the follow up.

  3. I really enjoy your Good Reads posts - thank you so very much!

    I had blogged anout our adoption & life after, but had to stop because there was a reader who had a fair bit of criticism & judgement, which caused so much pain & trouble that I had to end it. I'm blogging again, but still trying tomfind my feet...saying little about life with our daughter. It's a challenge, but I'm good for it! I'm still trying to get into the groove at Last post was about Jennie llen's book, 'Anything'. Once you've read it, you're responsible. :)

  4. I know! Wasn't that video great!! I love it!

    Oooh, I'm most curious about your new series...I've loved your past series so let me tell you, I'm hooked already!!