Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Reads

A few of my favorite posts as of late.

Why people think Christians are fake :: Stuff Christians Like. Yes. This.

Church and the College Years :: The Gospel Coalition blog. Our friend and the college pastor of our church, Jon Nielson, writes about the importance of being involved in a local church while in college. If you have a college student or know someone who does, send this one on to them.

The Talk :: Momastery. If you've got kids going to school, this is one important talk to have with them. No, it's not "the" talk, but it's just as important.

Fleeing to Paris :: A Deeper Story. Beautifully written story of growing toward grace.

10 Things You've Got to Know About Fear :: (in)Courage. Ann Voskamp. What can I say?

Are You a Mother First? Hmmmm :: Off the Beaten Path. Kay brings such great perspective and wisdom to every post she writes, and this one is no exception. Is mothering our first and foremost job? This post will make you think.

The Truth About Pain in Childbearing :: The Gospel Coalition blog. And then there's this one that literally brought tears to my eyes. The pain of childbearing is hitting me pretty hard right now.


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