Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Update

Sitting . . . on a sunny dock overlooking blue water and perfect sky.

Drinking . . . coffee. Strong and black in the early morning light.

Enjoying . . . warm sand on my toes and the company of life-long friends.

Hearing . . . happy squeals from children on the beach nearby. The clanging of sailboats in the harbor. Waves kissing the shore.

Talking . . . about washing machines the way we used to talk about boys.

Feeling . . . thankful . . . for friendships that have lasted long despite miles and experiences and paths unlikely.

Realizing . . . that life, maturity, and experience really do bring joy.

Wondering . . . why it has taken us 30 years to make this happen.



  1. After 30 years of marriage, working and raising children, our friends reconnected also. Just seems to be the way of it!

  2. Sounds perfect ... if I can add cream to the black coffee.

    And, you made me laugh ... "talking about washing machines like we used to talk about boys."


  3. What a lovely visit,
    Shelly! The kind of
    day you wish could
    go on and on. Hope
    you ended the summer
    on this high note and
    are ready to embrace

    xo Suzanne

  4. Sounds like an awesome time...and yes, why do we wait to do things that bring such joy to your hearts, glad you did it...love the talking about washing machines like you use to talk about boys, too funny

  5. This is SO lovely, Shelly! But, speaking from being in the thick of it, I'm guessing it took you so long because you've been BUSY as a mummy of little ones!!