Friday, September 21, 2012


Is it true that sometimes we stand together even when we stand apart?

 The days, they don’t always click. The mushy-gushy warmlove, unseen, unfelt.

Some days it’s the dog needs a bath or the furnace needs a filter.

Some days it’s the bills need to be paid and our calendar is out of control.

Some days it’s big decisions and small, all clambering for our attention like a newborn screaming for her mama’s breast.

It’s work and church and responsibilities and commitments.

No time to think or process or just be. Together.

And on those days, the days when we’re not together in mind or body or spirit, I wonder: are we really together?

At a gut-honest level, I do wonder. Some days.

And yet.

I hold the hand I’ve known forever while the pastor gives the benediction because I know more than anything that I need this. We need this.

Hope. Commitment. Love. Joy.

We stand together, comfortable in our stance, side by side, receiving a blessing, and in that moment I know that despite the differences and the schedule and the interruptions of our lives we are just that.




  1. Hi Shelly, totally off topic, I thought you may appreciate this post:

    Have a great weekend!


  2. That is a very sweet ... together.