Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here's Why I'll Never be a Blogging Rock Star

I have a life.

Simple as that.

A life that sometimes requires being a mom and at other times requires me to be someone else's mom.

(Just kidding about that last one--it's just that my job sometimes feels like I'm about 40 other people's mom.)

A life that requires me to be a wife.

And a friend.

Take this week, for instance. Last Friday, after meeting with 40 students over three days, I, along with my students, officially made it to Fall Break. The relief I felt at 2:00 p.m. Friday afternoon was palpable.

At 2:01 p.m. I switched hats. The "Professor" hat became the "Mom" hat. Just like that.

I didn't even feel a thing!

And for the next four days I was just Mom. Nobody asking me about their Argumentation papers; nobody wanting to hash through their audience; nobody wondering what "choppy" means. I was just, blessedly, Mom.

My two college girls came home for Fall Break, and we had fun doing absolutely nothing. We ate lots of good food; we watched the original "Father of the Bride" movie in the middle of the afternoon (an indulgence, indeed!); we shopped; and we just hung out, enjoying every minute together.

Yesterday the girls went back to school, and I hurried to clean up the house because a dear friend from college was coming to visit. [Fun side note: we were on the same floor our freshman year--that was over 30 years ago! I'm so thankful for our school and the friendships I made there.]

So my friend is here for a couple of days. Tomorrow she leaves, and my freshman year roommate, Jennifer, is coming for the weekend, bringing her darling daughter with her for . . . wait for it . . . her college interview! Hopefully E will be here next year and I can get Jennifer to come visit more often.

[Second fun side note: I'm always telling my girls that they will be friends with their college friends for the rest of their lives. Jen and I are living proof. I sometimes imagine that Jen and I will be old and gray and still getting together, laughing about how silly we were in college. Who follows people on their dates anyway? Who would do such a thing? Seriously.]

Have I mentioned that it's hunting season? B leaves tomorrow for a long weekend away.

Basically, my front door should look more like this:

than this:

I don't mention any of this to complain. I have the gift of hospitality, and I love to use it. It brings me such joy when my house is full of friends and family, especially daughters.

Why I DO mention it is to reaffirm, once again, that blogging, for me, just HAS to take a back seat to real life. Because real life is full. Real life is fun. Yes, real life is hard sometimes, but a blog can't hug you when you need it or smile at you when you walk through the door.

For me, real life is the thing. And while I love blogging and have no plans to stop, I refuse to let it rule me.

And that, dear friends, is why I will never be a blogging rock star.

I obviously won't be around here over the next few days, but please check back next week when I'll have more to say. (Better yet, sign up to receive updates in your email box or reader.) Or, come Monday, I might just go to bed for a while. My students will understand, won't they?

Now tell me. What makes YOU a blogging rock star? Link your favorite post from the past couple of weeks in the comments.



  1. I would be glad to tell you why I'm a blogging rock star except that I'm not.

    Honestly, sometimes it can be a little discouraging, can't it? Rock stars seem to pop up right and left, and to be honest some of them can't even carry a tune. I have to be on my guard against envy, to tell the truth.

    For the most part, though, I just keep plugging away. Blogging is part of my real life now, as is writing and speaking. How to balance it all? Forget about balance. Life is not balanced. I say we go for rhythm instead. :)

  2. I always feel like a rock star when I get a shout out in your blog!

  3. I totally get what you're saying, Richella. But you're a rock star in my book!

    Jen, get over here, will you? I can't wait!

  4. Melanie! You are doing great--really ramping things up these days. I'd love to hear more about your "real life" though.

  5. I'm not a blogging rockstar either. I think I would like to be, but I find that there is so much real life to do! There is a lot of work involved, and for whatever reason, I just can't seem to get my site really going. I think that might be God's way of telling me it's not where my focus should be. So I just keep plugging along and blog when I can...and we'll see where that takes me!

    I love your blogs and look forward to your honesty and groundedness! :)

  6. Shelly, I am certainly no Blogging Rock star. I'm not even a Blogging back up singer! I too struggle (or don't) to blog around my busy and full life. I prefer living over blogging about my life any day. But I am trying to get back on pace this week.

    I was out of town for four weeks visiting family and friends and speaking at a dozen different places along the way. Now I'm home. Ahhh... But now we're looking at back surgery next week for my husband, trips to see the kids, a visit from my in-laws and a visit from my mom! Full, wonderful, fun...and hard to blog in the process.

    It was so good to hear from you in your blog today. I love hearing what you're up to. Have a wonderful, blessed week!

  7. AMEN!!
    Many days it's one or the other - and somewhere in there I MUST squeeze in sleep. I mean really I do not have the ability to string together anything worth reading at 5 am.
    I sure hope you're enjoying the real time fun! blessings!

  8. Oh, Shelly. Shelly Shelly Shelly. I do love you so. See, you have the balance and the perspective that we all need to latch onto and make our own.

    I'm not a rock star, and I'm kinda tired of wanting to be one, ans striving to be one, honestly. I just want to write and do my style thing and flat out enjoy it so much that I forget to CARE so much anymore whether I'm important or have value or matter to anyone outside of my family.

    Honestly, I think if I can ever just just get to that place, that's what will make me the right kind of rock star - the kind who has her priorities aligned with her values and strives who always to give the best of herself to her biggest fans.

    You model the way for me! xx

  9. I am so far from a
    blogging rock star,
    it isn't funny.

    But I do like savoring
    life, like you do : )

    And I do like writing
    about my observances,
    to try and remember
    them, later....

    Enjoy that revolving
    door. Many would love
    to be in your place!

    xo Suzanne