Thursday, October 4, 2012

October update

Sitting . . . on my back porch listening to the sound of the wind in the trees and the workers tearing out the bathrooms above me (more on that to come).

Reveling . . . in the glory of Fall—my favorite season.

Loving . . . the Fall arrangement next to my front door. I decided to get creative this year, so I moved a metal bench from the back garden to the front, bought lots of pumpkins and mums, and arranged it all semi-artfully (with a little help from Julia). I smile every time I walk in the door!

Thinking . . . about the lecture I heard last night: John Piper on racism. Intriguing.

Reading . . . Piper’s new book, Bloodlines, about racism. And also, the Bible. I’ve (pretty much) finished the Old Testament and moved on to the New Testament this week. (Have I mentioned that I’m reading the Bible through chronologically this year? Fascinating!)

Wondering . . . if I missed much last night since I chose Piper over the debates. (I’m thinking not.)

Feeling . . . thankful for the friends and family that God has placed in my life.

Not believing . . . what I saw at the end of my class yesterday: my daughter wandering in the classroom door just to give me a hug. I am SUCH a lucky mom in so many ways, and having my girls attend college at the same place I teach is just one of them.

Wishing . . . that this girl was still small enough to snuggle on my lap rather than attending her first Homecoming dance. How did she grow up so fast?

Hoping . . . the weather holds out long enough for us to go to the Homecoming game on Saturday. It’s supposed to get nasty. But then again, if it’s not nice, that means we get to stay home in front of the fire and watch it on T.V.

Hmmmmm. I might need to rethink that one.

How about you? What have YOU been up to lately?



  1. Love the photos! :) And I love reading these posts. . . sort of like reading your journal. Helps me to know that I'm not crazy with all my mixed emotions.

    Sad, isn't it, the "isms" that we're still fighting. Lord, give us love for one another and the willingness to see each other the way you see us.

  2. Love your pictures! Fall is also my favorite season, I think because my children were due in Fall and I remember those days with them as babies, but also the mountains in fall living in VA and TN. So beautiful to be outdoors and hike with friends. Love the crisp cooler weather. Have a great weekend!

  3. Ha! Richella, I know what you mean about those crazy, mixed-up thoughts. I guess that's why I love this exercise.

    Carolyn, I would love to be able to take a road trip through those mountains in the fall. Some day . . .

  4. I loved sitting on my back porch yesterday in the warmth and colorful array, but i also enjoy the crispness of the cooler fall days. I'm working on finding "alone moments" with each of my children to focus on and enjoy their unique personalities - not an easy task, but I have discovered recently how much I enjoy those moments. I have to say I am also looking forward to an overnight at Kohler (without those sweet personalities)! Trying to absorb as much fall beauty as I can before I need warm fires for my "weather enjoyment" if that exists in Chicago winter.

  5. Um, Mrs. W? I think tonight might warrant a warm fire. Brrrrr! It got cold!!!!

  6. Definitely a fireplace
    night here, tonight!

    Love the pic of you
    and your daughter.
    I know, right? How
    do they get THIS old??

    Both Saturday and
    Sunday are hoppers,
    here. I'm taking a
    children's picture book
    class in the morning : )

    Enjoy your weekend!

    xo Suzanne

  7. Love your fall arrangement! So inviting. Your daughter is gorgeous!