Saturday, November 10, 2012

Good Reads

O.K., this will have to be quick because 1) I can't find my glasses, and my computer screen is juuusst about as far from me as it can be, and 2) B and I are headed out to a football game. Maybe. If the rain stops.

But I just can't let the weekend pass without giving you some good reading. I mean, just in case you actually can find your glasses or, better yet, you don't NEED glasses to read that itty bitty computer screen, or you're stuck in your house for some reason.

So here goes.

The Main Problem with Giving Our Kids the Easy Life :: We Are THAT Family. So much wisdom from Kristen. So much.

Evil Turned to Good :: Music From My Heart. Linda was my bff in high school. Little did we know then the road that God would have her travel. This is just a bit of her amazing story.

How to pray for the college-age kids in your life :: Pensieve. Yep. I'll be using this one. A lot.

November Book Club - Breakfast at Tiffany's :: Southern Vogue. This post is written ABOUT, not BY, my niece, Kira. Isn't she cute?! Boy, can than girl throw a party!

And while we're on the subject of parties and fun and all things frivolous . . . have you seen this blog?? What Kate Wore is all about the beautiful clothes that Kate Middleton wore for various occasions. So much fun!!

Finally, you must read this: Life . . . Lived by Privet and Holly. Suzanne has written a beautiful tribute for Veteran's Day. Definitely go here.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I loved Suzanne's beautiful piece, too. So honoring.


    ps. The rain has stopped here.