Thursday, February 14, 2013

One Word :: Love – What I’m learning

Happy Valentines Day, friends! 

It seems fitting, on this day of love, that I should follow up with a little bit of what I'm learning from my One Word, don't you think?

First, an observation. You know what? Once you pick a word, it pops up everywhere.

Seriously, everywhere!

(I dare you to try it.)

For instance, the women’s Bible study at our church is studying I John, and although it’s hard for me to get there because of my teaching schedule, I’m trying to at least read along with them. That book has love written all the way through it!

I hear the word “Love” more these days than I have ever heard it before—on the radio, in conversations, in sermons. And every time I hear it, I think about how the person is using it, what the context is, and what I can learn about love.

So this month, through listening to others and through reading God’s word, I’ve learned this: Love is action.

I’m noticing that love kind of works this way: we perform an action; it becomes love. Either the other person knows that you love them or you begin to feel more love for the person you’ve acted in love towards. But there is always an action involved.

Every morning my husband leaves the house while I’m still sleeping. And every morning, when he’s all ready to go, gym bag in hand, he stops by my side of the bed, leans over and kisses me. Sometimes I’m more coherent than other times, but I always know that he has kissed me.

Does he always feel like kissing me? No. I’m sure he doesn’t. But he does it because it is one small way that he can show me—and remind himself—that I am his wife whom he loves.

Some verses from I John:

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.”

“This is love: Not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent His son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”

Did you catch the verbs there? The actions? Jesus laid down his life. God sent His son. He didn’t just stop with the love—He did something about it.

I’ve heard the phrase “love in action,” but I would suggest that the phrase should be “love IS action.” Because when you love, you do.

You listen.

You see.

You spend time.

You sacrifice.

You give.

You stay.

Sometimes love is really, really hard, and on those days just doing something might be enough. You might not feel love, but you can do love.

This weekend God is calling me out of my comfort zone to love someone. I told you it would happen! I’m a little nervous about it, but because I want to learn to love well, I will go and I will do and I will listen.

I will love.

So lesson #1 about love? Love is action.

Since it's Valentines Day and all, why not show someone you love them today?


  1. Amazing post!!!!. Saying those three little words "I love you," is the easiest thing in the world. But LIVING THEM, actually demonstrating love, even when you don't feel like it, is TOUGH!

  2. So true, as I am learning, Robin!

  3. And loving strangers? Even tougher. So voting to raise my school milage, and therefore my own property tax with no kids in public school? Maybe I should! It might be a loving thing to do for strangers!

  4. Interesting take-away, Nancy. I'd love to hear more.

    Thanks, Glenda!

  5. God put it on my heart this year that I have been blessed and I can open my hand more and share what I have. Not just by donating the extra money or things I am tired of to charity, but by paying more taxes locally and nationally to invest in paying the deficit and invest in infrastructure and invest in other people's children through food, health, education. i know those gov't programs aren't perfect but the intention by all involved is honorable. And I decided to change my attitude toward taxes locally and nationally. God will direct the money flow as he is sovereign and my heart feels light and joyful as I pay my taxes!

  6. 2 Cor. 9-15 is one reference that inspired me.

  7. Also Psalm 145 verse 16. 'You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.' How giving is our God. How giving of self can we be? Love is doing.

  8. Also, increasing my tipping of servers. Choosing a small, local store over a large chain. Paying my service people (gardener, pool care) more promptly, so their cash flow is better. I volunteer with the elderly and disabled every week but God showed me that I can show love and respect others in this way also.