Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grace at 2:15

She steps toward the car and reaches for the door, sunlight splashing over her shoulders and across her wavy brown hair. I look, smile, then look again.

She s changed.

School s almost over for this one, and I see, in that brief moment, a full year s growth.

Her face, more mature (goodbye, babyface!).

Her legs, definitely longer.

Her hair, styled rather than simply cut.

Her clothes, carefully selected, reflecting her sense of herself.

Her gait, assured.

All of this just in a quick glimpse as she ducks her head into the car.

She smiles from outside the window--a slight upturn of her lips, that quick connection that says, I m so glad you re here.

(O.K., if I m really honest, she was glad I was there to drive her home so she didn t have to walk. But still, she seemed glad to see me.)

It was a smile that said, I m good.

I noticed today that my baby girl is growing up. Oh, sure, I notice it most days, especially as she very nearly reaches my height, but today it took me by surprise.

The end of the school year makes you take note of the changes, doesn t it? With all three back under my roof for the summer, I ve been thinking a lot about the past year and how it has changed them. Changed us.

It s been a good year. Not without its challenges, this year, but good, overall.

And while the physical changes aren t as pronounced in my girls anymore (I still remember the years of amazing stringbean growth, the too-short pants), the character changes are still coming, probably faster than ever before. Lifetime prayers for my girls are being answered.

And I like what I see.

I see confidence .

I see intelligence .

I see curiosity .

I see humor .

I see wisdom .

I see discernment .

I see girls who are ready to follow wherever He leads and to lead wherever He wants.

I see young women who are growing, changing, accepting, even though it s painful at times.

I look, I see, and I wonder, How did we get here?

Only grace.


Ashlee said...

This is really beautiful. My son just turned one so I can t relate to this very much but it gives me something to look forward to. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs Wooga said...

My second born is leaving for a week at the Parkside Villas and I know I will see change in her when she returns (hopefully the pneumonia will be all gone too!). Your post made me teary-eyed thinking of her getting older and being gone longer than a week. Sometimes it is so hard to hold loosely and let go. Ugh.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! I can relate, with girls 9, 11, and 13...they are changing so fast in so many ways! (And a boy 15!)