Monday, June 3, 2013

Catching Up and Introducing The Great Townhouse Project of 2013

Yep. Uh huh. Well over a week.

As you can probably tell, real life has taken its toll on me lately. Thought it might be a good idea to simply summarize my life of the past month. No deep thoughts here, really. Just a good old fashioned catch-up post.

So, since school ended for me in early May, here are a few things I have done:

1. Loaded up my car a few thousand times. Bringing girls home from college, even if it is only a few blocks, is exhausting. Plus, purchasing furniture for our newest "project" means loading up my van a LOT (see explanation below).

2. Had visitors three of the past four weekends.

3. On that one weekend, drove 1,800 miles to squeeze this cutie pie and to introduce my girls to their new cousin.

Side note: Also, over the weekend, got to visit the new George Bush Presidential Library. Oh my! The section about 9/11 is incredibly moving.

A couple of pieces of the original Twin Towers.

And the name of every person who was killed that day are listed on the wall.


Moving on . . .

4. Had a fantastic visit from my sister, Jenn, last week. Woot! (She really doesn't get up here enough.)

(And I can't believe I didn't get a single picture of her!)

5. Took possession of our latest "project."

6. Cried over said project.

7. Felt sick about said project.

8. Dug in and started to work on said project.

9. Started feeling a wee bit better about said project.

10. Celebrated 28 years of marriage.

What I have not done much of over the past month:

1. Cooking.

2. Cleaning.

3. Resting.

4. Exercising.


Now, about that "project." Oh my. Where to begin?

Last November, B and I purchased a townhouse which is really close to campus and will be used to house college students. Specifically, OUR college students, among others.

When we bought it, we knew it needed some cosmetic repairs, but not until our current tenants moved out two weeks ago and we actually took possession of the property did we actually see the extent of work that needs to be done.

Everything was covered with about a quarter inch of filth. And I do mean everything. (You might want to look away if you're squeemish.)

The day I got the keys, Julia and I walked around the place for a little bit, and then I went home and had a mini-breakdown. Or a big breakdown.

I cried.

Friends, we have an Extreme Makeover situation on our hands.

Every square inch of this place needs cleaning or repair or . . . something. It's horrendous. I wouldn't let my girls live there right now, so my task this summer is to bring this place up to Wildman standards.

So here's the deal. I'm going to be over there most of the summer. I'll be painting the place from top to bottom (I'm on a very limited budget, so I'll be doing most of the work myself). I'll be scouting estate sales for furniture (we're going to furnish the place). I'll be schlepping supplies and furniture and paint back and forth all summer.

My van will be getting a workout, even if I'm not.

What I think I might do is post pictures once a week with the progress we've made. Are you interested? At all?

What else might you want to know about cleaning up and restoring a rental property? I'm probably needing the answers to those questions myself, so feel free to ask.

So here we go: The Great Townhouse Project of 2013. Grab a paintbrush and come on over!


  1. Definitely interested! I love before and afters (and in-betweens).

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  2. Please show the progress. It always feels good to see progress, even if it is someone else s. I am probably going to be doing much of the same myself this summer.

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  3. Hey friends of Shellys ... let s all help. It will be great fun. An old fashioned barn raising. We can help our friend ... who is always helping others.


    ps. Shelly ... don t delete my comment. :)

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  4. I love to paint! I wish I could come help!

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  5. Great to hear from you.

    I want to see all the progress of your rental property. We have a house that we bought for our kids to live in years ago and I love having the extra space for decorating (especially with my girl living there now).

    Gotta love that apple-y kitchen! I would say just clean it thoroughly first and then make changes room by room as you can do it. We are still updating some in our house but it was in much better shape cosmetically than yours when we started.

    Have fun with it! Not everybody gets to decorate and fix up a second home. I love it.

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  6. Can t wait to follow your progress!

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  7. Thanks, everyone! I ll be sure to update as much as I can.

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  8. I m definitely interested! Your blog is my very favorite blog because you post about REAL life. You re don t glamorize it just for a blog and you are vulnerable enough to share. You are such an inspiration to me for that! I love your blog-- and keep these projects/pictures coming!

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  9. Gosh, I wish I could come help! I like Glenda s idea of a barn raising. We could have some serious fun!

    In any event, I m enjoying reading about your progress. I just read all the posts about it at one sitting, since I d gotten so far behind. . . better late than never, right?

    You go, girl! Don t gag--it really isn t that bad! And it s going to look amazing!!

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