Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Great Townhouse Project of 2013 - Week 2

God bless my sisters.

One had a really cute baby whom I've gotten to squeeze twice since April.

And my other sister actually drove home with us on Memorial Day in order to spend the week with me. Silly girl actually offered to help with The Great Townhouse Project of 2013.

She had no idea what she was getting herself into.

So Week 2 was spent with my sister, Jenn, of whom, I regret very deeply, I did not get a single picture. She was an such a trooper and an incredible encouragement to me.

See, I know what I like when it comes to decorating, but, as a Words of Affirmation girl, I need someone to just say, "Yes! That's it! You're on the right track." And that's just what my sister provided.

She liked the paint colors I had chosen. She helped me pick one more important color that I couldn't figure out. She did some particularly nasty cleaning (one cupboard actually made her gag!). She dug in and painted like a pro.

But most importantly she kept telling me, "It's not so bad."

Week 2 was a week in which I really needed to hear, "It's not so bad," because during Week 1 I was having some serious stomach issues, and those of you who know me well know that stomach issues are NOT what I need. Ever. Again.

So having Jenn here was a blessing I needed in more ways than one. She made me feel good about my selections, but she also made me feel good about The Great Townhouse Project of 2013.

Here's just a bit of what we accomplished during Week 2.

We painted a bedroom!

I painted the ceilings of both bedrooms while Jenn did something else (I can't even remember now what that was--I have tunnel vision, remember?).

Then we painted the walls and the trim. By the time she left on Saturday we pretty much had one bedroom completely finished.

It felt SO GOOD!

(By the way, the room started out yellow. I have nothing against the color yellow--yellow is sunny and nice--but it's just not that "in" right now. I'm updating the bedrooms with a lovely shade of gray. It's an Ace paint called "Chelsea by the Sea" and I love it.)

And here's the best part . . .

Remember those totally nasty ceiling fans? The ones I was ready to take down and throw away on the very first day?

Look at what my sister did!

She went to town with the Simple Green (oh my heavens, that stuff is AMAZING!) and cleaned those suckers until they shined. She even took off the old glass lampshades so I can replace them with some updated ones. Obviously we have a couple of things to take care of, but the point is, the ceiling fans are CLEAN!

Glory halleluja!

One other thing we did when Jenn was at my house was hit a couple of garage sales. (Yes, not only am I painting and updating the place, I'm also furnishing it.) One day I got a beautiful, solid oak table with six chairs for $200--score! And the next day we went to an estate sale and picked up a box full of kitchen stuff, a desk, and a dresser WITH a mirror for $150.

Jenn helped me load up the car, then unload it into my own garage at home, which has become a storage locker because the garage at the townhouse was full--FULL, I tell you--of miscellaneous furniture and other whatnot.

(And that's a story for Week 3.)

Anyway, the garage/estate sales made me very happy. Who doesn't love getting a good deal?

Having my sister here made me even happier.

Thanks, Jenn!

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  1. That's what sisters are for! I was glad to put in a little time on "The Great Townhouse Project" and the best part ... hanging out with you and your family for a week! I'll be following along to watch your weekly progress and all of the "after" pics.