Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In Which I Get a Life

Today I promise I won't talk to you about town homes or estate sales or paint (ugh!). I do promise, however, that I will follow up my Great Townhouse Project of 2013 series with some before and after photos in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime . . .

. . . it's time to get outta Dodge!

I have been telling you that my reward for all my hard work this summer would come eventually, and now the time is here.

You all know how much I love to travel. And you all know how much I love my family. This week, the two will converge as my mom, my sisters, and I all head out together for a very special girlfriend trip.

To celebrate my mom's 75th birth year (she'll turn 75 next year--sorry to spill the beans, Mom!), she is taking us on a trip of a lifetime.

We'll start here:

Cruise down here:

End up somewhere around here:

Then take a bus or train (I don't even know which) to here for a couple of days:

And finally end up here:

Excited doesn't even begin to cover it!

I've made the bold decision to NOT schlep my computer overseas, so you won't be hearing from me here for a while. You can follow me on Instagram (where I might post a picture or two) or on Facebook (where I might post an update or two), but the blog will be silent, just as it has for most of the summer.


Auf Wiedersehen!

Au revoir!

P.S. I've been to one of these cities before, and if you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know which one. See if you can guess, and tell me in the comments. Oh, and if you don't follow me, why not sign up for email updates today? I'd be ever grateful!

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  1. I want to say I'm jealous, but I could NOT handle the trip overseas this summer. We are just trying to squeeze in a weekend in Branson and are having trouble finding the time.

    Have fun! Is Gracie going too?

  2. Thanks, Christy! I'm excited to see some new places.

    Nope, Linda. Just a mom and daughter trip. I'm sure Miss G will be very much missed, but J is leaving early, so she won't be gone quite as long.

  3. Have a safe and fun trip:)! I love Europe!

  4. Enjoy every wonderful moment.


  5. Oh man, I'm so excited for you! How fun!!! Can't wait to see all your pics and hear all about it. (Off to grab my phone now to see if I'm following you on Instagram. Somehow, I don't think I am. What on earth?!)

  6. Oh, FUN! Europe with the girls! Oh, my word, what a wonderful treat for you all!

    Have a marvelous time and take lots of photos to share when you get home!!

  7. I can see how this spurred you on in your work! Have a wonderful trip!

  8. Oh my!! That IS the trip of a lifetime. Your mom is one amazing lady! Have a FANTASTIC TIME!!!!!