Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just One

You guys know I'm all about education, right?

Education has been my work for a long time.

And girls?

Three precious ones of my own and countless others who have impressed and inspired me.

Yep, education and girls--I kind of have a thing for them both.

Bring the two together in one inspiring story and I'll be a puddle of tears.

And that's just what I am this week over this one story.

Kristen is one mom. One blogger. Who took one trip and met one woman. She heard one Voice calling her to one task. And she obeyed.

Just one. With open hands and an open heart.

A mom who said yes.

Mercy House is the task that God has called Kristen to, and it's a task that is just too big for one person. So over the next few weeks, Kristen is asking for a community of moms to come alongside her in her task.

Mercy House is one ministry that is doing a whole lot of good in Kenya. Women are being healed, lives are being restored, and babies are being saved. All because Kristen said yes to God.

This week, Mercy House is trying to raise enough money to provide a classroom for the young women who are being rescued. These are women who were previously living in one of the largest slums in the world, raped or being sold as sex slaves, who find themselves pregnant and without hope. Mercy House provides shelter, nourishment, community, and education for these desperate women.

Their babies are being saved.

Please, won't you learn more by clicking right here and watching the incredible video about Mercy House? And then, won't you go one step further by giving a gift to this ministry which will provide an education that will help free these women to do amazing things with their lives?

I get it--I see it every day--the difference that an education can make for a young woman. And I want to help pass that gift along to others.

Won't you join me?

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