Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 5 Lines from Downton Abbey, S4;E4

This week, for some reason, didn't do much for me, so I'm going to keep this one short.

Even though Anna and Bates seem to have patched things up for now, I'm still nervous about their story line. I desperately want them to find happiness, but I don't have a lot of hope at this point.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I adore Daisy. Even though she didn't make any of my top 5 lines this week, I just love her sweet smile and her adorable way about her. She knows she blew it with Alfred, but she just keeps being her own sweet self.

Edith. Oh, Edith. How do you always manage to choose the wrong sort of man? I mean, what did you really know about Michael Gregson before you jumped into bed with him and now he's gone missing and you might be carrying his baby and he's in Germany of all places between the wars. Is he a Nazi? Did you check out his political leanings, Edith? And what about that crazy wife of his? Is she for real? Did you even check? In my mind, there's just too many unanswered questions about Michael Gregson, which means he's probably perfect for stupid, naive Edith.

Alright, let's get going.

1. My first pick is probably an obscure line that most of you probably overlooked, but I just liked it. Alfred was getting ready to leave for London, and he stops in the kitchen to say goodbye.

Alfred: Is there anything I ought to know about London?
Mrs. Patmore: There's quite a lot you ought to know about London, dear.

I think I liked that line because I'll be seeing London in a few months (planning a trip for June, and I can't wait!), and also because everyone should know something about London--it's such a great city.

2. As opposed to last week when we heard nary a peep out of Violet, this week she was back to her usual self, dispensing zingers to anyone within listening range. This exchange took place at the dinner table as Robert was trying to get his head around what should be done with his tenant farmer.

Robert: If we don't respect the past, we'll find it harder to build our future.
Violet: Where did you read that?
Robert: I didn't. I made it up. I thought it was rather good.
Violet: It's too good. One thing we don't want is a poet in the family.

Cue Tom, because I thought one thing they didn't want was a chauffeur in the family. You can bet that next week a poet will show up to court Mary.

3. And weren't there some great quips between Violet and Isobel? I'd say the two were becoming rather chummy, despite their many differences.

I loved the scene when the two were walking through the garden together after just talking to the new boy Violet had hired. Violet doesn't seem to care much about talking to the gardener, but Isobel is more than eager to make him feel welcome.

Isobel: You make me sound very fervent.
Violet: Wars have been waged with less fervor.

And a few lines later . . .

Isobel: Say what you like, but I know you care about these things as much as I do.
Violet (laughing): Nobody cares about anything as much as you do.

4. Early in the episode, the staff is discussing Baxter's new sewing machine, but Mrs. Patmore looks skeptical. Thomas explains, "Mrs. Patmore isn't what you would call a 'futurist.'"

This serves to provide a little background for a later scene between Cora and Mrs. Patmore when Cora explains that she would like to buy a refrigerator for the kitchen. Mrs. Patmore will have none of it.

Mrs. P: I just don’t see why it’s better than an ice box.
Cora: Well, a refrigerator is more efficient. It keeps food fresh longer; we won’t need ice to be delivered . . .
Mrs. P: But the papers will still be delivered, and the groceries, and all sorts. Or are we to stop that, too?
Cora: Mrs. Patmore, is there any aspect of the present day that you can accept without resistance?
Mrs. P (leaning in to whisper): Well, My Lady, I wouldn’t mind getting rid of my corset.

Oh, that just made me chuckle! The woman can deliver a line so very well.

5. OK, my favorite line of the night will probably come as no surprise to anyone, because it was probably your favorite line, too. I think this might go down as one of my all-time favorite Violet Dowager Countess lines of all time. She's talking to Isobel (again):

"It's a wonder your halo doesn't get heavy. It must be like wearing a tiara round the clock."

And with that, I think I'll go polish my own halo--it's been getting a little tarnished lately.

So? What was your favorite line of the episode? And what do you think of Michael Gregson's disappearance? And anything else you'd like to dish about. Leave me a comment!


  1. I loved the banter between Isobel and Violet and Violet's remark about the tiara (though I really do admire Isobel and her heart to serve) but as one who cannot wait to take her bra off each evening, Mrs. Patmore and her corset comment took the cake for me : )