Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Spectacular Ordinary: Day 12

I was going to start this post by listing out all of the million little things that are overwhelming me in my everyday life right now. But I know you don't want to read about that, because I wouldn't want to read about that.

Instead, I'll just let you in on a family secret.

For several months now, Kate has been keeping a list of Wildman Family Quotes--funny things any of us say at any random moment. It's actually kind of embarrassing more than funny because most of the quotes come from me, not because I'm so hilarious, but because I'm so hilarious without meaning to be.

So this afternoon Kate and I had to go to Enterprise ("We'll pick you up!") to pick up a rental car to replace the one that got sadly smashed on Friday. We had decided that it might be best if I drive the rental car and give the girls my mini-van until their car is either fixed or replaced.

[Side note: we should really take bets on the fixing or replacing issue. My bet is on replacing, but B's hoping for fixing. Stay tuned.]

I'm almost there. Almost ready to take possession of my exciting new wheels, when the guy behind the counter tells me that he has a Kia Soul available. Now, I'm an amiable person. I like to get along. And besides, I'm not paying for this, so I said, "That should be fine. As long as Allstate will cover it, I don't really care what I drive."

The guy must have had a funny look on his face--some kind of scowl or grimace or pained expression that I picked up on, because suddenly I asked, "By the way, what is a Kia Soul?"

He said, "Just think about the commercial with the hamsters."

Oh my word, I HATE that commercial! Almost as much as I hate the look of that car. (Sorry, if you're reading and you have a Kia Soul. You'd probably hate my Honda Odyssey.)

"Oh no! I not going to drive that!"

I thought it was an innocent comment, but, for me, it was saying a lot. Kate just sat there laughing her head off.

Needless to say, it's going in the Wildman Family quote book.

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