Monday, February 3, 2014

The Spectacular Ordinary: Day 2

Sundays aren't ever "normal," but they do have a rhythm of their own. Church, home, dig around in the fridge to find something to eat, hit the couch for a nap.

Today, though, the nap didn't really happen because we had a bunch of college girls over to watch Super Bowl commercials.

That game . . . really?

I spent the afternoon messing around in the kitchen, pulling together some snacks to watch during the commercials game. Salsa. Queso. Brownies. Apricot crumble bars.

And homemade Chex Mix. The smell of which took me right back to my Grandma Ann's house and the many, many Super Bowl games we watched there when I was a kid.

Anyway, the quick, funny, out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened yesterday was that my "poor" husband was outnumbered 14:1 in our family room as we watched the game. So. many. girls in our lives!

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry for him.


  1. Is there a 'like' button! Many of us read, smile and enjoy your posts!

  2. Loved the game ... and got to watch it in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. :)

    Yes, someday, Dave and Brian should hang out. They both are surrounded by girls.