Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Spectacular Ordinary: Day 4

Today was spectacular because I caught up a little.

Most days I hustle from here to there--from class to the gym to the grocery store to the cleaners to the high school--you know how it goes.

But today was special because I felt the luxury of time. The luxury of sitting still. The luxury of quiet. (I didn't even turn on music or the TV all day.) I actually felt the luxury of having a whole day in front of me with very little agenda (aside from the 15 people I had coming for dinner).

I sat at my desk with a long list in front of me, and even though I didn't cross everything off my list (papers still need grading and two retreat talks still need writing) I felt good about my day. I chipped away at that list, making phone calls, throwing in loads of laundry, cooking like crazy. . . .

Oh, the 15 people? College group meets here every Tuesday, and on the first Tuesday of the month we eat dinner together. I love having those kids here, and tonight was no exception.

The spectacular? The sheer appreciation that those kids have for sloppy joes, our dog, and a warm fire.

It's ordinary to me--nothing fancy here--but to them, it's love.

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