Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One Word for 2015

Four years ago I chose my “One Word” for the first time. That word was Grace.

Two years ago I chose another word: Love.

Last year I didn’t bother. I was too busy or bogged down or burdened to even choose one word. What a waste—I could have used a word last year.

A few weeks ago while walking the dog I started thinking about choosing a word for 2015. So, as I often do while I’m walking the dog, I prayed about it: “Lord, what word would you have me think about in 2015?”

Almost immediately I felt God saying to me, “Shelly, just pursue me and I’ll take care of the rest.”


That doesn’t happen often, people. It’s not like God speaks audibly to me, like, ever, but He does sometimes impress something so clearly on my heart that I know it’s from Him. And this was one of those moments.

And then I put it away.

Because I wanted a cool word, a holy word, a word that would change my life. “Pursue” just didn’t feel like that word.

So last week, while walking, of course, I asked the Lord again (same scenario, take two): “What should my word be?”

Again, the impression felt so clear: Pursue me and I’ll take care of the rest.

I may be slow on the uptake sometimes, but I’m no dummy, so I gave in and decided right there on the corner of Cross and Union that my word would be Pursue.

As I’ve been thinking about this word, I've realized something. My last two words-of-the-year were nouns: concrete ways that I could give to others. Grace and Love were words that caused me to focus on the way I treat others, and these were necessary in my life at that time.

But this word, pursue, is a verb. It’s active, and it means “to chase after someone or something.”

(Of course it also means "to continue to annoy, afflict, or trouble." Hmmm. To cause a ruckus, perhaps?)

For me, the idea of chasing after someone or something is perfect for this year. I sense this word pushing me forward in two ways.

First, as I’ve already mentioned, I think the word will encourage me to pursue my relationship with God even more. It’s easy in this busy life to sometimes let that fall aside, but God has told me in His word that if I pursue Him, everything else will fall into place.
“Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
 Second, I hope this word will give me courage to pursue my writing goals this year. It reminds me that if I want to achieve something I can’t sit idly by and simply wait for my goals to happen--I have to pursue them.

And that’s why I love that I’ve chosen a verb. Verbs have to be active, moving, pushing ahead—it’s who they are—they are not static like nouns. Verbs are doers--movers and shakers--and that’s what I want to be this year.

So, onward we go into this new year. I hope to cause a ruckus.


So tell me, have you chosen a word for 2015? What is it?


  1. LoveloveLOVE it!! YOU GO, GIIIRL! I find it intriguing that a word didn't find me last year, either (how many ways will we continue to be alike???).

    Pursue is a BEAUTIFUL, strong, active word…and I like what it means to you. Perfect. And I can't wait to see how this year ends for you, both as it relates to your relationship with Christ AND what happens with your writing.

    Or rather, what you pursue for your writing ;). xo

  2. Present is my word for the year. I tend to run past what is happening now, headed to the next thing, or borrowing trouble that has not happened yet. I have a grandbaby on the way, two fun trips planned, an elderly mom who is spending part of the winter with me. I want to present to the present - to relish, cherish, and see the now in all its mundane glory and celebrate it.

  3. My "word" for 2015 is MORE. Here is the link to my blog post discussing it.

    Thank you so much for your prayers. They are appreciated more than you know. "Pursue" is an awesome word. I believe God wants us to pursue Him ABOVE ALL ELSE and that can be so hard in our busy, busy world. I will pray for you my friend, that God will show you exactly how He wants you to pursue Him, and that He will put opportunities into your life to still let His GRACE and His LOVE abound. His word promises that we will find Him when we seek Him with our whole hearts. I am PURSUING HIM as well. Blessings from cold Missouri. And again, keep those prayers coming for my "unspoken."

  4. My word for 2015 is also Pursue. It took me a long time to find a word to really work for what I needed. Pursue was perfect! I want to pursue my dream, I want to pursue my relation with God in a new and different way, I want to pursue a healthier lifestyle, I want to pursue authentic relationships.

    I want to go after things, not just go through each day just to get to the next day. Pursue sums it all up. Best of luck to you!!!

  5. My word for 2015 is "Depth." Or maybe "Deep" I'm not yet sure. But I feel like God told me basically the same thing He told you..."I want you to go Deep in Me this year and not worry about all the other stuff."

    So, I plan to take everything in my spiritual life to the next, deeper, level...Bible study, prayer, fasting, Sabbath, solitude, ministry...I don't even know all the things God will lead me to. I'm starting with what I know to do.

    On a completely unrelated note, I made last night (for the second time) your recipe for Brussels sprouts with bacon and apples. So wonderful. Though I find that I have to nearly triple the cook times. Maybe I just like my bacon super crispy and my sprouts mushy. Which I do.

  6. You inspired me to put it in writing: Firstfruits. Thanks!

  7. Hi sweet Shelly!
    I'm revealing my
    word tomorrow,
    and it's very similar
    to yours. Great
    minds : )

    Happy, Happy New
    Year to you! Here's
    to pursuing dreams....

    xo Suzanne