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Top Five Lines from Downton Abbey :: S5, E2

Oh, beloved Downton. You did not disappoint. This week seemed to be centered on the secrets flying about the house—it’s hard to keep up with them all!

Edith and Marigold.

Mary and Lord Gillingham.

Miss Baxter and Thomas.

It’s amazing for people who live in such close quarters to really not have a clue about what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Well, except for Cora. She's pretty much always clueless.

Which brings me to my first favorite quote of the night.

1. Charles Blake brings his friend Simon Bricker to the Big House for an evening of merriment. Apparently Simon is doing some art history research and wants to see a painting by a famous artist that the Crawley-Grantham’s just “happen” to own.

I really think Blake tagged along so he could have his moment with Mary. But that’s not the point here.

Simon B. and Clueless, I mean Cora, are standing alone in a room with the painting and Simon puts on the full court press. He’s shameless! Cora doesn’t seem to get it, we think, until bedtime as she listens to Robert grouse about the evening (as he does pretty much any time company comes to visit).

This time Robert is in a tizzy over Tom and Sarah Bunting and the possibility that Tom would take Sibbie away from all of them. He huffs and puffs his way into bed and throws in this wonderful line for good measure:

“And tell your friend Bricker to stop flirting with Isis. There’s nothing more ill-bred than trying to steal the affections of someone else’s dog.”
Or wife.

2. The Wireless.

(Small side note: look in the lower right hand corner of this picture. That's Sibbie!)

Good grief! Could one small electrical appliance cause so much angst in one family? I know the telephone was a big deal, but this wireless situation makes one think the world is coming to an end.

I loved Daisy:
“Why is it called a wire-less when there are so many wires?”
But the best (in relation to the wireless) was, again, grumpy Gus, I mean Robert who said:
“It’s a fad. It won’t last.” 
Yeah, and that train line across Canada was a good investment, too.

3. I am really starting to love Miss Baxter. We haven’t gotten to know much about her, but we are starting to learn some things this season. I think she is a multi-dimensional character who not only has secrets . . . and a past . . . and some problems with Thomas . . . but she is also a changed person.

I think I’m also starting to like what they are doing with Molesley and Baxter. They kind of bring out the best in each other. Like how Molesley is starting to get a backbone and stand up to Thomas. And how Baxter is trying, in her own quiet way, to win his affections.

Their scene in the courtyard was precious as Molesley tried to work out how to think about Baxter in light of her recent jewel thief confession.

Baxter didn’t beg and plead with him to accept her, she just said in her very quiet way, 
“I would only say that I am not that person now.”
And left it at that. So classy.

4. Vi and Izzy were in rare form this week, weren’t they? I loved the scene when they were at tea at Lord What’s-His-Face’s house, cawing over the male/femaleness of each room. (What even IS that?! I’ve never heard of such a thing.)

Of course Isobel is an expert at interior decorating because she is an expert at All The Things. And Lord What’s-His-Face is all “I could use a guiding hand in that area (or any area you’d want to help guide me)” and Izzy just blushes and the two women exchange looks across the table.

Finally, Violet chirps,
“Mrs. Crawley is never happier than when she has a chance to use her guiding hand.”
Now I’m blushing!

5. I wanted to end with Carson and Mrs. Hughes because, is it just me or do the writers seem to be hinting at a bit of a development between the two?

Early in the episode, Carson and Mrs. Hughes are talking about the War Memorial (is anyone besides me already sick of the Memorial story line?). Carson wants it on the cricket pitch, but Robert isn’t so easily convinced. He thinks the memorial should be placed in the center of town where everyone can see it and give a nod to their lost loved ones. (And also not mess with his cricket pitch.)

Mrs. Hughes agrees with Robert—the memorial should be more public. Carson, not so much, and he tells her in not so many words how disappointed he is with her. But Mrs. Hughes quietly responds, 
“Well, every relationship has its ups and downs.”

Later, after the issue seems to be resolved and Robert has gotten his way again (spoiled brat), Carson attempts to make amends with Mrs. Hughes.

Carson: I don’t like it when we’re not on the same side.
Mrs. Hughes: We’re different people. We won’t always agree.
Carson: I know, but I don’t like it.


Personally, this week I liked the Downstairs crew a whole lot more than the Upstairs crew. Such sweet story lines going on Downstairs (Daisy learning arithmetic!). Such naughty ones Upstairs (Mary, I’m looking at you!).

Let’s see if those badly behaved bluebloods can get their acts together next week. Or maybe they’ll start some new secrets.

We’ll see . . .

So what were YOUR favorite lines this week?


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