Thursday, February 5, 2015

Two New Books from Mothers of Daughters Writers

Hey Mama? Are you tired?

Are you tired of being tired?

I was there. I was in a downward spiral as a mom when God set me on fire, literally.

One day as I was surrounded by little ones, sinking underneath the weight of feeling like I needed to have it all together but really, truly, NOT . . . God did something kind of risky and pretty darn scary to get my attention.

He set my sweater on fire. That's right. The edge of my big, baggy, '90s sweater got caught in the flame of my stove and caught on fire. It rapidly swept up my back and came very close to catching my hair on fire when I ran out the back door, threw off my sweater into the snow and stomped out the flames.

This was my wakeup call.

Shortly after that I sat down on the couch and cried out to God to save me from myself--from this life of thinking I needed to be perfect and yet failing so miserably as a mom. I suddenly realized that I couldn't do this job by myself--it was much too big for me.

If you can relate at all to the feeling of perfection, the disappointment with yourself as a parent, the frustration of wanting more, then this book is for you.

My friend, Stacey Thacker, whom I met at the Allume conference last October and who is the brainchild behind the Mothers of Daughters blog and her friend, Brooke BcGlothlin, who started the MOB Society (for mothers of sons), co-wrote this wonderful little book about allowing God to take over, even in the difficult job of motherhood.

I could relate to much of the book, even now, and it served as a good reminder that God is so much bigger than the mess of our lives. He wants to redeem us and to use us for His good, even in the hard days.

Why not order a copy for yourself today? Then go take a nap.


The same weekend I met Stacey last October I also had the privilege of meeting sweet Wynter. And when I say sweet, I mean sweet! This girl blessed me so much that weekend--I can't even tell you how much.

Wynter has a heart for tweens, probably because she has four daughters. A few years ago, in fact, Wynter wanted some biblically-based resources for her daughters, but, finding nothing out there, she decided to publish a newsletter for tween girls called "For Girls Like You."

What started as a newsletter has grown into a real live book, which came out this week.

How I wish I had had a resource like this when my girls were growing up. I've told many friends with young daughters that the best thing that happened, spiritually, for one of my girls when she was in elementary school was having a little Bible study group that met once a week. I know they would have worked through this book if it had been available back then.

If you have a tween daughter, you MUST get this book. Give it to your girl. Study it together. Study it with her friends.

And let your tween girl know that she is truly loved by a great God.

Note: even though there are Amazon links in this post, I'm getting nothing for them. I just really love these women and want you to buy their books! 


  1. Oh my word! You caught on fire. Girl, that is a mommy moment for sure!

    Love you! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Is it bad that I'm totally singing, "This Girl is on Fire..." right now? :) I can't wait to dive into both of these books. I'm constantly searching for a good kids devo (and constantly disappointed, UGH), so I am thrilled to see if Wynter's book is age-appropriate for Annalyn. And even if it isn't, I'm so excited to have it ready when she is old enough!