Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Giveaway: Rest and Repine

**Congratulations to Carolyn who won the beautiful French rolling pin from Rest and Repine! Thanks, everyone, for your interest!**

[Editor's note: Please take care to COME BACK HERE and leave a comment AFTER you have "Liked" Chad's FB or IG feeds in order to be signed up for the giveaway. Thanks!]

I love this quote because it reminds me that even what I do as a writer is not simply telling about things as they appear, but it's about digging beneath the surface to reveal an inner beauty, a deeper meaning, that "inward significance" that Aristotle called it.

Dinner becomes more than just four or five people sitting around a table consuming food. It is a celebration among family and friends; it is a sharing of experiences; it is giving thanks. The stories we share are not merely journalism--a reporting of facts--but rather an exploration into lives well lived or sorrows endured or laughter shared.

True art does not merely represent, it tells a story.

Today I want to tell you a story about a friend I met several years ago. I think he was among the first group of college kids that Kate brought home her freshman year, and over their four years at Wheaton College, Chad remained part of that large group who attended countless meals, parties, and gatherings at our house.

What always impressed me about Chad was his joyful smile and his curiosity about others. I noticed that he often would take time to talk to a friend one-on-one as others were loudly joking in a group. I appreciated the way he took time to talk to B and me, asking questions and looking us in the eye, something unique among most college-aged kids. Chad is a kind, thoughtful people-person who has never met a stranger.

What Chad didn't know as he studied at Wheaton was that he was also an artist. Not until he graduated and a friend's uncle offered to teach him woodworking did Chad realize that he had a gift for taking a piece of wood and making it into something useful and special.


Chad learned the craft of woodworking quickly and began taking orders for small pieces of furniture, even outfitting the patio of one of my favorite local restaurants with tables. Local designers began to take notice of his work and started asking him to create pieces for their clients.


And Chad's business, Rest and Repine, was born.


Now Chad is launching his business as a full-time venture, hoping to create art that will last for decades. He envisions his furniture as pieces that will tell stories, hand-crafted works of art that can be passed down for generations.

For the past year as things have taken off, Chad has been borrowing his friend's equipment, but now he would like to purchase his own. In order to do that, Chad has launched a kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $15,000. When you contribute, you will receive a piece of Chad's art as a thank you.



Looking for something a little bigger or more custom? Chad can do that! Just give him a call and he will work with you to design just the right piece for your family.


Good news! This week I am hosting a special giveaway of one of Chad's French rolling pins. This is a beautifully finished hardwood rolling pin that will last forever. I love it so much, but it will be yours if you win because you are my special readers.


Here's all you have to do to be entered: "Like" Rest and Repine on Facebook or Instagram, then come back and leave a comment here telling me you've done that. If you visit Chad's website or his Indigogo campaign page, you can tell me that in another comment as well.

I will leave the giveaway open through Sunday night and announce the winner on Monday.

Will you help spread the word? It only takes a second to share this on your own Facebook or Instagram page. I know a recent college grad would really appreciate the support.

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Thanks, friends!

Photo credits: 1|2|3|6 - Rest and Repine; 4|5|7 - mine


  1. I am so happy to learn about Chad! We had a beautiful coffee table made in Virginia and were hoping to have a kitchen table made someday...after the kids are bigger!

  2. This looks exciting! Beautiful work, and we enjoyed hearing his story. I've liked Rest and Repine on Facebook and Instagram.

  3. Will you include a pie with the winning rolling pin? I liked his page with enthusiasm because I have seen his stuff and liked it but didn't know who made it. Thanks for introducing him.

  4. I checked out the website & Indigogo campaign

  5. I follow Rest & Repine on fb and Instagram!

  6. Beautifully stated Shelly! Chad is an outstanding young man in so many ways- his woodwork is an awesome expression of his true character. Also, I would LOVE a rolling pin!!!

  7. Lovely...now following him on instagram.

  8. Followed on Facebook - what a lovely rolling pin, beautiful and practical.

  9. Visited the web site as well. So wonderful you are supporting this budding artisan!

  10. I "Liked" Rest & Repine on Facebook!

  11. And I visited his website. Very cool!!! Looks like a great young man!!!

  12. I liked his FB page. Gorgeous!

  13. And I visited his campaign page on Indigogo. Cool!

  14. How much do I love the story behind his work? And how talented is this kid?? Amazing. I liked his FB page and I'm off to find your instagram (can't remember if I followed him there yet or not, bless my heart).

  15. I made a small contribution to his campaign (how could I not??) AND visited his site. Isn't this funny--looking at his beautiful work makes me wish I could be a woodworker! ha! But it IS art...

    :) Love that you're helping him out this way!!

  16. Liked his page, loved his work and the story! Wonder if you've read the book Jesus, Bread and Chocolate? Think you might like...

  17. Oh, also went to the indigogo page and watched the video. Wishing him great success!

  18. Thank you, Shelly! I love it!!!