Thursday, April 21, 2016

Raise a Daughter Who Doesn't Need to Date {at Mothers of Daughters this week}

I have three grown daughters. All three are incredibly smart, hilariously funny, and strikingly beautiful. All three are either in or headed toward careers in business and medicine. They are gifted women who love Jesus.
None of them has ever dated seriously.
And that’s O.K.
I want to talk honestly about dating from the perspective of NOT dating because this is the reality for many girls. For some it’s a choice; for others, not so much. But for all of our girls, dating is a subject that is talked about so much, even in Christian circles, that a girl who doesn’t date might begin to feel that there’s something wrong with her.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
So today I want to write to encourage you to think about dating in a slightly different way: your daughter is not failing you, herself, or Jesus if she doesn’t date in high school or even in college.
Want to read more? Hop on over to the Mothers of Daughters blog to read the rest of my thoughts on raising girls and dating and all that good stuff. 

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