Friday, September 30, 2016

When You Need to Remember: Seasons Change, God Does Not

I’m sitting on my back porch as I write this, curled up in a blanket, listening to the sound of pouring rain. Why am I sitting on the porch in the rain, you ask? I’m actually trying to keep my sweet 11-year-old dog from freaking out because we’ve had workers in and out of our house all week, and she’s a little upset by all the sawing and hammering and banging and drilling.

The poor dog is just about at her wit’s end with all the noise! So today we’re trying to stay out of the house, and even though it’s chilly and rainy, the porch seems to be the best place to stay out of the way.

Fall is here, finally, ushered in this week with clouds and rain and chilly temps.

We actually saw fall make its appearance last Sunday night. B and I were driving over to our friends’ house for Bible study. It had been a hot, muggy day, as most of the days of August and September had been this year, yet as we drove west toward our friends’ house, we looked up and saw a great big, black cloud dividing the sky almost in half. It was the strangest sight.

But that line of solid black cloud brought a cold front that ushered in our MUCH cooler fall weather. As usual, fall arrived with a bang—hot one day, cold the next.

Seasons change quickly around here.

I don’t know about you, but the sudden onset of fall temperatures usually has me scrambling for jackets and jeans after a summer of shorts and t-shirts. And I was NEVER ready with my kids’ wardrobes! I remember many a fall day when my girls went to school completely underdressed because I hadn’t pulled out the sweaters or jackets yet.

I remember feeling like a total mom-failure on those days. “My child is going to freeze!” “How could I have been so unprepared?” “Where even IS that bin of winter clothes?”

All of these feelings of failure are, I think, completely normal for us as moms, yet, I want to tell you something: those feelings of failure are lies. God has perfectly equipped you to be your child’s mom. Oh sure, we make mistakes, we forget things—hey, we’re busy! But YOU are just what your child needs.

We may not be ready for the changes, but they sure don't take God by surprise.

So maybe pull out those fall clothes now—it’s getting chilly—but put away those feelings of failure because that’s not who you are. You were crafted and chosen by God to do this job in just this moment, and he will equip you to do it.

Seasons may change, but God does not.

It’s a lesson I’m trying to remind myself of right now. With small house changes and big weather changes and HUGE life changes, I’m reminding myself that God is right here, walking beside me, equipping me to do exactly what he’s called me to do.

In every season.

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