tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8341689034619131983.post4837644785719679295..comments2015-10-02T09:32:35.093-05:00Comments on Shelly Wildman: Top 10 Words of Warning Advice I may or may not tell my students on the first day of class Shelly Wildman####noreply@blogger.comGreat list...as anreformed procrastinator, I would...Great list...as anreformed procrastinator, I would remind them that what they get out of class is directly proportionate to what they put in! Do the reading, do the assignments, and think about what you&#39;re doing in time to contribute to the class. Both you, your classmates, and your prof will enjoy the class even more that way. I used to hand in everything at the end of the semestef &amp; take the hit to my grades, still passing with flying colors. Much to the chagrin of my profs!!! And I realized later that it would have been a better experience had I just been engaged from the get go.Mrs Changstein####noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8341689034619131983.post-33681968444567921762012-08-24T08:30:24.147-05:002012-08-24T08:30:24.147-05:00I hope all your students find your blog and read t...I hope all your students find your blog and read this post. They will be better for it.<br /><br />Fondly,<br />GlendaGLENDA CHILDERS####noreply@blogger.com