Shelly speaks from her heart, not as a woman who has it all together but as a woman who is desperately seeking balance and wholeness both in her personal life and in her spiritual life. She wants to encourage women to trust God in all things, even in the messy parts of life.

Using the Bible as the basis for her teaching, Shelly also brings a warmth and passion for God’s word. She hopes to see lives transformed through the application of Scripture to everyday lives.

Passionate about parenting, Shelly and her husband, Brian, have three teenage daughters from whom they have learned just about everything.

Speaking Topics

“No Ordinary Life: Everyday Adventures with an Extraordinary God”

Do you see your life as boring? Mundane? Just so ordinary? Do you ever wonder how God could use you, right where you are, to accomplish His purposes? Looking at the life of Daniel, we’ll see that God does use an ordinary life to do some amazing things. And He can use your ordinary life too!

“Mirror, Mirror”

We all do it. We all play the comparison game. We all tell ourselves lies about ourselves. We are all hard on ourselves and others. In this two-part retreat, Shelly looks first at the woman we all see when we look in the mirror, and finally, at the woman God sees. Let’s dispel those lies and look at the truth about how God feels about us!

“Christmas Presence: God’s Greatest Gift”

At the busiest time of year, when we are all consumed with gifts, this talk will help women slow down and reflect on the Incarnation, a time when God gave us His greatest gift. Shelly shares some of her own story as she brings the truth of John 3:16 and what that verse means to her, personally. This talk is perfect for a women’s event or Christmas tea.

“He Gave”

Using the truth of John 3:16, Shelly shares her personal story of how God revealed Himself to her and how His truth has changed her life as a mother.  Perfect for a one-day event, especially around Easter time.

“Intentional Parenting”

Parenting is an exciting journey and not one to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, many parents either dread the task or just react to situations as they arise. “Intentional Parenting” will help parents think through the goals that they have for their children and their family and will encourage them to be proactive parents in a reactive world.

Based on her blog series of the same name, Shelly can develop these ideas into a one-, two-, or three-talk event to help parents think through some pro-active ideas for parenting.

Please contact Shelly at wildmom3@sbcglobal.net to talk about booking her for your next event.