Why are these categories as extreme sport? Because it will push your adrenaline than ever before, some Extreme sport need more extra skill to achieve such big push adrenaline. Some can achieve just do extra bucks with guidance. Extreme sports sometimes can do in a group or single person.

People are love to do extreme because they feel bursting of their dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin also adrenaline level are increased. Extreme sports also very dangerous if person is unexperience. It can affect with your health status, because increasing of those hormones you have to be healthy and fit. Thrilling effect can lead to heart attack or any other several injuries.

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Land Extreme Sports

Ice Climbing Picture

Extreme sports on land can be seen in TV or need special traveling adventure. For example of extreme sports on land are rock or ice climbing, base/bunge jumping, skiing, motorsport like motorcycle race, car race or off-road. Slacklining is a sports that you have to walk on rope, sometimes with balancer like a long stick, people are challanging themselves to walk on rope between hill to hill without any safety device. Martial arts also categories as extreme sports, there are multiple name of martial arts. Street luge is like a race with cart using gravity to push the carts. New type extreme sports also developed in society like parkour, parkour is extreme sport that race need jumping, running through obstacle around city.

Sea or Water Extreme Sports

Surfing Picture

Surfing one of most common extreme sport. Water jetski or drag water jet ( drag boat racing ) involve in extreme sports. Ice diving, windsurfing, speed skiing, snow boarding, snow skating,

freediving, rafting. Yachting is a extreme sport that need teamwork to do, sometime race or just fighting with the tide.

Air Extreme Sports

Skydiving picture

Paragliding, skydiving, speedflying, modern air extreme sport is like wingsuit flying. Parachuting also came along.