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Top 10 Devices You Must Have for Survival

Nowadays survival isn’t just a skill to learn. you can have a device to help you in the jungle or any other survival area. We will discuss further devices to make you choose wisely.

1. All in one knife

This is the first tool you must have and bring everywhere. All in one knife comes with a small knife of course, and other tools such as scissors, wood saw, small blade, driver, cap opener, can opener, pliers, hook, cutter, some comes with LED light and magnifying lens. It all comes in 1 pocket-size tool. If you confuse what it looks like, take a look at the swiss knife army or Victorinox swiss knife. Size and price may vary depending on what items inside.

2. Bottle with Filtration

Water is one of our body needs. Swallow any water can lead to sickness. You have to filter the water before drink. There are several filtration systems in the survival kit. Some come like oil filtration or devices. I think a bottle with filtration inside is very useful rather than filtration extended devices. But before you get it, please read the specification of its bottle. Some only come with cheap filtration.

3. Flashlight

In the woods at night is very dark and no other source of light than the moonlight. The only one you must have is a flashlight. You should check the battery level if you already have before bring it for survival. People from the city often bring a flashlight when they go camping with all company members. They usually bring many flashlights when holiday after reach target sales at their online gambling website. They do gambling on trusted agen sbobet (sbobet agent) who has complete and various games.

4, First Aid Kit

No one expects to be injured. But if it comes, you already have some preparation for it. First aid kit usually comes with a bandage, wound medicine, aspirin, alcohol, cotton swab, etc.

5. Navigation Tools

Navigation tools can be a map or compass. This prevents you to get loss of direction. Some say you can do mark things before you go ahead to make sure that the area was in your way.

6. Fire Starter

A fire starter is one of the very useful items in survival. You can make firewood to warm yourself, make cooking, or make firepit at night to avoid some wild animal. Firestarter comes in varieties of size, price, and shape, you can choose which one you like.

7. Full-Size Knife

If you got all in one tool knife in your pocket, this tool also very useful and must-have. A full-size knife can be used to cut branches for firewood or cutting meat for your meal much easier. This knife also uses for defending yourself from the wild animal.

8. Tent

The natural shelter can be used for rest, but bringing your tent or shelter size bag is more useful. You don’t have to find natural shelter and can rest anywhere you want.

9. All-Purpose Clothing

Getting wet, or really warm situation can make you feel exhausted. Please choose your clothing depending on the area, wear a thin t-shirt and bring a weatherproof jacket that is most common for survival person.

10. Backpack

What makes you can carry all those items above if not a backpack. Yes, a backpack is one of the most important items in survival. The material of the backpack can vary but you may choose for the weatherproof backpack.

Survival Basic Skills and Modern Device That Can Help You in Emergency Situation

Do you like to go to camp, hiking, or other advanture that makes you sleep in jungle or unhabitate by human. If you like to go to then you have to know some basic skills, some devices also could help you. Nowadays with modern technology, you can easily buy and bring them to your adventure.   We will discuss about it

Make Fire

Make Fire Picture

Fire is very important in adventure, Fire can help you to cook, make you warm, also can repel from wild thing happen such as dangerous animal or insects. You can learn basic primitive skill that swipe-rub stone to produce sparks and sparks can produce fire on dry twigs. Simple device such as waterproof lighter are easily to get now.

How to Get Clean Water

Clean Water Picture

Water is one of most aspect in adventure time. There are some way to get clean water, first you can get from flow water that looks clean, more higher flow is better and clean. Second, you can cook that water until reach boiling temperature to kill bacteria. You better not to choose not flowing water or stagnant area such as lake, puddle, or some sort like a pool of water. There are some device to get you more clean water, that product or device shape like water botle with filter inside some offer direct drink, or semi clean water.

Navigating Device or Learn From The Sun

You don’t want to get lost when going to adventure, easiest way is to get navigation device such as compass, or getting attention from direction of sunrise and sunset. You can put some mark to tree or place that look and easy to remember.

Choosing Place to Get Rest

Place to Get Rest Picture

You can learn how to built a tent, or chopping down some twigs or tree to built a shelter. it’s very important to bring sharpy tool, and salt to spray around your resting place. Salt can help to repel reptiles.