Dietary Food Classification

Dietary Food Picture

We always love what we eat everyday. From carbohydrate to protein into vitamin and fiber, we can cook or buy what we like.

As we know there are some people are taking more personal type of food they consumed. Mostly we know are vegetarian but actually there are more type than we already know.

We will discuss more about dietary food calssification

  • Omnivore

Omnivore means they can eat everything, from meat, vegietables, nuts, seed, seafood. Main source of carbohydrate and protein are come from meat. it’s most common thing.

  • Carnivorous

Carnivorous are only take meat, they don’t eat vegetables, fruit, nuts or organic food material.

  • Pescatarian

This type of dietary is like vegetarians but they can consume seafood like fish, prawn, or any crustacean. They also eat nuts,  and some also eat dairy product like egg and milk.

  • Vegetarian

Divided into 2 differences, semi and full vegetarian. Semi-vegetarians are majority take vegetables as their main consume food but sometimes they can take meat and dairy product rather than full-vegetarians, they only take vegetables.

  • Vegan

Vegan is quite similar than Full-vegetarian but they are more specific on type of food. For example if that food produce by animal, they won’t take it. Those type of food for example is honey.

  • Fruitarian

it’s more extreme type of dieatry classification. Fruitarian are person only take of fruits, berries, and some take nuts and legumes. Most common carbohydrate they recieved is from grains type of food.

  • Paleo

Paleo other nick is caveman-diet or stoneage-diet, Sounds funny isn’t it?. Paleo dietary is commonly take meat, some vegetables, but they don’t eat grains, legumes, and dairy products. They also eat seafood, and insects.

  • Ketogenic

This dietary are popular in 2000s. Ketogenic is actually to help people that suffer from epilepsy, ketogenic are basically consume low carbohydrate and take high protein. But they don’t take fruits, grains, or tubers specific product also depend on personality choice.