Survival Basic Skills and Modern Device That Can Help You in Emergency Situation

Do you like to go to camp, hiking, or other advanture that makes you sleep in jungle or unhabitate by human. If you like to go to then you have to know some basic skills, some devices also could help you. Nowadays with modern technology, you can easily buy and bring them to your adventure.   We will discuss about it

Make Fire

Make Fire Picture

Fire is very important in adventure, Fire can help you to cook, make you warm, also can repel from wild thing happen such as dangerous animal or insects. You can learn basic primitive skill that swipe-rub stone to produce sparks and sparks can produce fire on dry twigs. Simple device such as waterproof lighter are easily to get now.

How to Get Clean Water

Clean Water Picture

Water is one of most aspect in adventure time. There are some way to get clean water, first you can get from flow water that looks clean, more higher flow is better and clean. Second, you can cook that water until reach boiling temperature to kill bacteria. You better not to choose not flowing water or stagnant area such as lake, puddle, or some sort like a pool of water. There are some device to get you more clean water, that product or device shape like water botle with filter inside some offer direct drink, or semi clean water.

Navigating Device or Learn From The Sun

You don’t want to get lost when going to adventure, easiest way is to get navigation device such as compass, or getting attention from direction of sunrise and sunset. You can put some mark to tree or place that look and easy to remember.

Choosing Place to Get Rest

Place to Get Rest Picture

You can learn how to built a tent, or chopping down some twigs or tree to built a shelter. it’s very important to bring sharpy tool, and salt to spray around your resting place. Salt can help to repel reptiles.